Day in the life of 15,000 step day

The past few days have been bussyyyyy. Ok it is always busy haha. But somedays, I am better at blog management.

I have a lot to catch up on, but I’ll just start with today. I had a long list of to dos, but I got everything done!


My first ALL green day!!  Alright.  This is how it happened…..

7:30 Andrew off to school

8:00 dentist appointment

9:00 Sams

10:00 stop at my grandma’s

11:00 target

11:30 t25 workout

12:00 Got cut the grass at my parents house

1;00 shower,  Laundry, and load dishwasher (times a couple for both haha)

2:15 small nap

3:00 pick up Andrew from school

3:15 clean kitchen and both bathrooms

5:15 sit for 15 minutes

5:30 Leave for a picnic and the balloon glow in Forest Park


10:30 crash in bed

whoa~! what a day. But a fun and EXTREMELY productive day :)

Question for you:

Do you make a To Do list?

Do you wear a steps tracker? if so, we should be friends!

Trader Joe’s is the new Target

Today, I was traveling to the other side of St Louis (not doing anything fun) so as I treat, I headed to a favorite place, Trader Joe’s. In reality, I needed to go to the store, and I just love that place !I usually end up taking more things home with me than are on the list, but that is how Target is as well!

This is the first time I headed there in a few months without Andrew, and it was great to walk down the aisle and not hear “can we get this?”

Of course, we started with my favorites. Coconut oil ,coconut milk, and lots of nuts! cashews.almonds. pistachios.


Next up, hot dogs, bacon, and LOTS of grass fed butter. Love this stuff


Also some fruits and veggies


some new treats for Andrew (oh and I have had some too!)


And some new items to try!


Also, I picked up some flowers FOR me FROM me :)


Question for you:

What is your favorite thing at trader joes?

Have you ever tried coconut sugar?

30 before 30 bucket list

Just a few months ago, I turned 29. My last year in my 20s. I have always been worried about “getting older”. I know some will be shaking their heads because they are a few years past 29. But as a kid, I hit 16 and didn’t want to get any older. Maybe a Peter Pan, never want to grow up mentality. Instead, 13 years later, I am a little excited and looking at it as an adventure and not a number.


After talking with my sister in law, who is also turning 30 next year, we decided we needed a bucket list. A small list of things we want to do, or see, or accomplish before our birthdays.


So now I am down to less than 12 months before the big day, and only a few things on my list. I need your help to fill in the rest!

  • Hot air balloon ride
  • ziplining
  • Weekend vacation with just me and Andrew
  • Try crossfit
  • Sign up for a color/graffiti run (signed up!)
  • Try rock climbing
  • Start swimming again
  • Hike with Andrew
  • Learn to surf/paddle board
  • Go to Mexico to celebrate our bdays (BOOKED!)
  • Horseback riding
  • Lose 35lbs (12lbs down already)
  • volunteer with Andrew
  • learn more about myself as a mom, friend, daughter, and sister. Be the best person I can be (ongoing)
  • Picnic in the park
  • Buy someone’s lunch secretly

Well that is only 1/2 way through! I know some of those might not happen, but I want to dream of things and actually DO them this year.

Question for you:

What should I add to my list?

What would be on your list?

Fun weekend

I don’t know about everyone else,  But this weekend flew by!  Andrew and I had so much fun

Saturday started with gluten free pancakes which Andrew actually ate!  Wahoo haha


Next up was the homecoming parade for my old gradeschool


We headed down with my sister in law,  nephews,  and neice


Later that night,  I headed down to the homecoming  with my friends to work at the poker Booth.

Selfie  before going out

Selfie before going out

I had so much fun! I even met a very nice guy,  that I talked to for several hours.  Ill keep you updated….. Haha


On Sunday,  it started out a little slow (late Night and drinking.  Getting old haha) but the Andrew and I headed to play games and ride rides with my nephew and sister in law.


My favorite part was the Bumper cars with Andrew


It was all a lot of fun and we had gorgeous weather.  I also had a lot of time to destress which I needed!

Question for you: 

Do you like going to homecoMings and going on rides?

What did you do this weeks?

Strike out cancer at the cardinals game

Just a few nights ago, my parents, Andrew, and I headed to the ballpark to support not only the Cardinals, but to support Strike out Cancer


In March, when I was diagnosed with kidney cancer, I knew that I wanted to do something. anything to try and make a difference.  still haven’t found that perfect match for me, but we did have tickets to THIS exact game.

See in December, we buy my dad tickets to the Cardinals game. And the game to raise awareness for cancer was apart of that package. So unknown to us, but this game was in that package. And I think, God knew we would need this night.

The night started off with a photo shoot


(my dad and I)


(my mom and I)




Lot of Andrew and me pictures

And the night ended with a Cardinals win :)

6 months ago I had surgery, and it still seem unreal. You can find Strike Out Cancer tshirts here in all colors and from other pro baseball players

Question for you:

Do you have anyone close to was diagnosed with canner?

D you raise money for a certain cause that is close to you?

daily eats + first #shakeology

Happy Wednesday everyone! So after over a week of the challenge, I am ready for new things. I promise to share new eats and recipes but for now, Im done taking pictures of everything I eat. haha (these are pictures from the beginning of the week)

That being said, I did food prep for the two shifts I worked today and tomorrow. I made stew in the crockpot, and also homemade almond butter.



I also tried my first ever shakeology protein drink.


I used vanilla protein powder and made a pumpkin pie drink. It was pretty good, but a little sweet. They come in vanilla,chocolate, strawberry, and greenberry. I ordered the sample that is one of each flavor. After i try all of them, i will decide if i will spend the Big Bucks for more haha

Andrew and I also had a healthy snack before doing homework


My new goal is to get more sleep. I have not been getting even 7 hours, and we all know hoe cranky i can be otherwise haha.

Question for you:

Have you ever tried shakeology?

What is your favorite protein drink?


day 9: new deliveries

Today was my third 12 hour shift in a row! Apparently I was alittle sleep deprived because I posted day 7 before day 5 of my posts, but oh well! at least they got there haha.

The day actually started really early. LIke 4am early. I was laying in bed wide awake ready to seize the day. I was going to just roll over and go back to bed, but by 415 I was still up. So I hopped out of bed to start T25 gamma. (I swear one of these days I will do a review).


This is one of my newest deliveries! I was unsure after alpha and beta if I wanted to spend the extra money, but I realized I was doing this for me! It was about $60 and lasts 8 weeks. Money well spent :)

The dvds are made up of 4 different workouts. There is the gamma pure and the gamma strength (each 4 weeks).




I started with the strength and went with the Rip’t workout. (was supposed to be speed 3.0 and I knew I wouldn’t be moving that fast that early in the morning haha) The workout was great! lots of arms and they felt like jelly by the end. I used 10lb weights :)

Next up was a quick shower. My eats were about the same for this shift as the rest, but still delicious.

5:30 Eggs and peppers

10:00 bacon, cashews and pecans

12:00 Protein coffee

2:00 baked chicken wings, cauliflower mashed potatoes, M&m cookie and small piece of zucchini cake

5:00 colby cheese + apple


The other delivery to my house was Udo’s Choice Probiotics. I used these for the past two months and ran out! They really helped my tummy get things together. and I had less pain and bloating with this. (of course, also with a healthy diet).


I highly recommend probiotics, even those of you who might not have the same symptoms as I do.

So a few fun deliveries this week, besides the bills and ads haha. I love getting to try new things, and when you receive that package its like christmas morning, even if you know whats inside :)

Question for you:

What was the last package you ordered/received?

Do you like to buy online or at the store?