Spring Wreath Making

I started this blog last week, but with everything going on (aka me not leaving my bed), it took the back burner. Now that I have moved to the couch, I am able to get a few things done haha.

ice for my neck

ice for my neck

On a serious note, I am feeling better today. After about a week, things are starting to turn around :) Now to come off the jelly and bread diet haha


With time off from work, I made a list of what I wanted to do around the house. There are big and little odds and ends I have wanted to complete. I know that I wouldn’t be able to do a ton, but this way I had the list for when I was feeling 100%

One of the projects was a Spring wreath for the front door. Of course, saw it on pinterest


It was super easy, and with a Hobby Lobby coupon, it wasn’t too expensive!

I bought a couple bouquets of flowers (instead of one stem with one big flower~money saver!)


I cut each and stuck them in the wood wreath to make them look like one large flower.


I think it turned out great! And it brought some nice weather :)


I also had a buddy that was helping me


Question for you:

What is your favorite part of Spring?

Do you like to do crafts for your house?



Hitting a bump in the road

Well it’s been a bumpy week. I am now finally able to lift my head off the pillow without the room spinning for a good 5 minutes, so this will be fast! haha

Two weeks ago, I was feeling great! I was trying to get out and about, and may have overdone it. Last week, I pinched a nerve in my neck. This was sending shooting pains down my arm and back. While dealing with that, I was hit with the GI bug that has lingered for a few days now.

It has been a very difficult few days. I keep saying “I just want to feel well!” I want to be able to do laundry,or take Andrew to school. I hate that I am missing things with him. He asked if I could play basketball, and can barely make breakfast without getting lightheaded.

The amazing thing the past week, is how grown up Andrew is! When I was I sick all night, he helped make his breakfast, his lunch, and got himself all ready for school. Makes a momma proud :)

I am also excited that in just two weeks I will be back to work! I miss my friends at work and the babies! (just not sure how those 12 hour shifts are going to work….)

But before that, my younger brother will be getting married! I still can not believe it, but could not be more excited for this.

So I have A LOT to look forward to these next weeks, even though  had to vent a little. Hey, recovery is not ALL about the good. Now I just have to rest and GET BETTER!

Off to bed~

Healthy Living: week One

Well so this post was supposed to be up yesterday. But this week has been a little rough. I may have pushed it a little too hard. I have a pinched nerve in my neck, which has been sending shooting pains down my arm. Then on Thursday,  I was hit with the GI bug. definitely NOT my week. So the past two days, I have been laying on the couch or my bed. that’s it. But I was able to do some healthy things at the beginning of the week :)


I made a promise with myself. Over the past few weeks, I have decided to be healthy for me, for Andrew, for my kidney :) So each week I hope to show you what I have done to make that happen!


Healthy Eats:

Sweet Potato Pancakes



Healthy Activity

Friday: rest day

Saturday: 5 mile bike ride with Andrew

Sunday: Yard work :)

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: Bike ride with Andrew

Wednesday: walk

Thursday: walk


Healthy Home:

Closet Clean up


Articles I am loving this week:

Is Natural Living driving you crazy? by Paleo Mama

-Post about all the stress of “natural living” on moms, and how we need to pick our battles. (not just for moms!)

Three ways to Challenge your Personal Narrative by Caitlyn at Healthy Tipping Point


Question for you:

What did you do that was “healthy” this week?

Healthy Kidney: Pancakes

I have been making a list of things I want to include in my Healthy Living, Healthy Kidney. I will really say, “Oh. my kidney wouldn’t like that” haha. It makes me realize the decision I was making, and also makes me laugh. Laughter is always the best medicine!

So far my list:

  • Moving my body
  • Getting to a healthy weight
  • Eating clean
  • Bonding with Andrew
  • Appreciate my family
  • Make time for friends
  • Scrapbook and crafts
  • Absorb and Spread Positive Energy
  • Unplug more

In no particular order of course. And I know I will add to it, but I really just want to be a whole person. I will grow and develop, and I’m sure I will hit many bumps in the road, but I will get back to it. I might need to post this on the fridge :)


Now to the pancakes! I want to eat healthy, but I also was getting bored of eggs and bacon. So pancakes it is!



These were super easy! I microwaved the sweet potato for a few minutes before, then mix, put on the skillet, flip, and enjoy!

sweet potato pancakes

I put some grass fed butter and maple syrup on top. DELICIOUS! You could also add banana to the mix. Or on top with some almond butter. Lots of options

Question for you:
What did you have for breakfast?

Did you get bored of having the same thing over and over?



Putting Pins to Use

The first step to “healthy living and not going stir crazy, was stopping by pinterest. You know all the pins you have, that you put on your boards, in hopes you will change your house, start working out, and making crazy amounts of sweets. Ok that might just be a few of my boards haha


I have attempted many pins, but mostly workouts, and so far they have been great! But in the past week or so, I have been really looking at my house. There are many projects I just haven’t tackled because of time, laziness, or no plan. So the past weeks, I have been planning. I am not wanting to overdue it, so I wanted to start with the linen closet.

I didn’t want to go crazy. I also knew that my energy level is still pretty low. I can do about one thing a day, that lasts an hour or two, and then I am done for the day. It is still crazy to me, but I am starting to be ok with it haha.

So I found these pictures, and had dreams of my house







those were just a few ideas I used to gather some supplies. I looked at target, and Walmart, but I really hit the jack pot at Hobby Lobby.


Everything was on sale, except for the large brown tote, but I used a 40% off for that.

Then it was time to assess the damage…



So everything came out, the closet was cleaned, and then it took time to figure out where everything would go.


But I think it turned out great!


I also have a plan to have a garage sale this summer, and at the same time,

I took many items out and put downstairs for that! Tackling two tasks at once :)

Question for you:

Favorite things to pin?

Who is the most organized in your family?

-I love to organize!







Healthy Living, Healthy Kidney

I have been EXTREMELY blessed the past few weeks. I know that sounds crazy to say, since they found cancer and I had to have surgery. But the amount of support and prayers I have received from family and friends has been AMAZING.

My family was there the first weeks, with pain medication, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of Andrew. There is no way I would have been able to do that by myself. I was barely able to do anything. I basically ate and slept.

My friends have been checking on me as well. Sending cards and texts, and coming for visits. I had no idea how much these would mean to me, but they were exactly what I needed to stay sane haha They have also brought meals the past week, which has helped immensely! And Andrew’s friends have taken him to play, so that he can run around and be a kid. Which has made this mom so happy. I didn’t want Andrew just to sit around and watch tv. this way he can go and be a kid :)

My work family sent a generous gift of gift cards and money raised. I was beyond words. I had no idea that they did this for me, and it makes me cry just thinking about it. They have also come to visit, send cards, and take me to lunch. My NICU family really is amazing!

After a month of recovery, I have been looking back, and it all seems so strange. It is finally becoming a reality. But now I have started focusing on the future. I decide I want to be healthy for me. for Andrew. for my kidney. haha. And that is what this is all about. Instead of working on some goals each week, or having a competition of losing X amount of weight by X date, I want to be HEALTHY. That is my goal.

So each Friday, I will be talking about things that make my kidney happy  :)

Blogs I’ve seen this week:

Gretchen at Honey, I Shrunk the Gretchen wrote about 3 diet changes

Paleo Parents’ 50 tips for getting seriously strong

How to get Organized in a small house

 Any help, advice, or encouragement is welcome!

 Question for you:

What is one thing you do (or don’t do) to make you happy?