Sooo there’s a football game today?

Yes everyone I KNOOOWWW there is a football game going on, but Im stuck at work taking care of the kiddos.

I work in a children’s hospital as a nurse, and ABSOLUTELY love it! But all I want to do now is get in my warm PJs haha.

(haha funny footed PJs)

Today, I did really well with the food! (sorry no pictures at work)

7:00 hardboiled egg, colby cheese

10:30 Oats, PB, banana, and protein powder (YUM)

12:30 Pecans

2:30 Progresso soup, yoplait greek yogurt + strawberries, and a mini cupcake (X2)

5:00 almonds and apple slices with cinnamon

After work, Im not sure what Im going to do. My family is at my grandparents, so I might go get some food there…..

Question for you:

Who are you cheering for? (or are you just watching the commericals)

-Im not big into football, but I love having everyone together!

2 thoughts on “Sooo there’s a football game today?”

  1. Love those PJ’s! Sooo toasty looking!

    As for the game, I do enjoy the commercials, the game can be ok if it’s a good game (like yesterday’s was very entertaining from the bit I did watch)….I enjoy the social aspect more, I would say. Didn’t really cheer for either team….

    Great job on the food!

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