Nice Little Saturday

Even though it was a busy saturday at times, I also got a nap (YEA!)

Omlet with spinach, red pepper, and american cheese. with a side of PB and banana

Then I took my son to swim class, and to get a hair cut. THen to target.

I was starving for lunch! chicken, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese in a 96 fat free tortilla

The cheese totally made this!


Of course, then I had some cereal, PB, and soy milk

Then I got a nap (YEA!!!!!). And went to dinner with my son and mom

(notice the legos on the table- we take them EVERYWHERE haha)

While out, I had A TON of spinach artichoke dip. Two pieces of pizza and a few fries from my son

After putting my son to bed, I changed and went out for my cousin’s/best friend’s birthday.
I got three beers (blackberry wheat- YUM) and water as well.

I had a few scoops of someone’s artichoke dip (I know I love this stuff) and a small bowl of beer cheese soup. It was delicious with pretzel croutons on top

Sorry the pictures arent the best, I tried to pretend my pictures werent on purpose……people here in the midwest arent fans of food blogs. they think they are weird (IM NOT ONE OF THEM! haha)

Question for you:
When you go to a restaurant do you try something new, or go with a favorite?
-I use to eat the SAME O’ THING all the time. and tried to stick with salads (but who wants to eat salads for the rest of their lives?)

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