The day for pink!

Today I dont have a valentine, Im not actually that upset. I have been celebrating with cookies….haha

Well I did get myself something

A YOGA MAT! yep. My first!

I also got this bad boy. Anyone try it before?

When I got off work, I rushed home to see my son.

 He gave me this letter!

And then my AWESOME mom and dad got me a flashlight! haha Yes I know its silly,

But a month ago, I mentioned I needed one. Its so nice to know they remembered!

For my son’s breakfast, I had extra pancakes made yesterday. They were heart pancakes!

Question for you:

What did you do for valentine’s Day?

9 thoughts on “The day for pink!”

  1. I have Yoga Meltdown – it was my first “yoga” experience…I did enjoy it and found it to be quite a workout! “YOGA” enthusiasts who do “real” yoga don’t tend to like it…Jillian moves through the poses to make it more aerobic…and of course, being Jillian, it’s not very “zen”….when I’m looking for a workout to change things up a bit, I do throw that one in…I still enjoy it and it’s quick…

    Sounds like you had a great day….and I hear you about the cookies…..

  2. Is that a mag light? Very nice. Haha!
    And I love Jillian’s Yoga DVD. Its for people who enjoy yoga but not the whole meditation side of it (like me). The second workout is a lot of balance poses while the first is more strength.
    I had a great day with Rob yesterday shopping and relaxing! It couldn’t have been better 🙂

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