P90X and Zumba


  •  P90X RESULTS: will redo in 90 days!  

    Heart Rate Day 1: 68

     Pull Ups Day 1: 20

     Pushups Day 1: 23

     Toe touch Day 1: + 3

    Wall squat  Day 1: 3 min 15 sec

    Bicep CUrls Day 1: 20 with 10lb weight

     In and Outs Day 1: 25

     HR MAX


    • Immediate HR MAX 140 1 min HR MAX: 120 2 min HR MAX: 110 3 min HR MAX:  90 4 min HR MAX: 70

       Heart Rate: resting

    Pull Ups: women should be able to do 1 pull up

     Vertical Leap

    Push Ups: 3 for female, 15 on knees


    Toe Touch: – if cant reach toes, + if past toes


    Wall Squat: For at least one minute

    Bicep Curls: at least 10 curls w/ 8lb weight females

    IN & OUTs: seated with hands on floor, knees bent, bring knees in and then out. Should do at least 25

    Heart Rate MAX: jumping jacks for 2 mins. Last 30 sec fast. Take HR

    Pull ups with machine. 145 lbs

    My mom also bought this! I cant wait to try them!

     Question for you:

     -What do you think of zumba?



8 thoughts on “P90X and Zumba”

  1. You ROCK! When I did my test back in August, I was at my lowest weight…and I took my measurements, I forgot to re-do at the end…but I will this time! I didn’t re-do the pre-test this time, I should have…anyway…YOU are awesome! You blew the test out of the water…you are going to do great in the workouts…
    Here are my pre-test results:
    Pull up – 1.75, Push-up – 20, Toe-Touch – +1, Wall-sit – 3min 8sec, Bicep curl w/10lbs-25, in&outs – 40. Max HR-153, after 1 min – 113, after 2 min- 92, after 3 min 77, after 4 min – 70….

    I still can’t do any pull-ups! After the first one, I’m done!!!! You are awesome!

  2. You know I love Zumba! But the classes that I go to are different than the DVDs and the game. I prefer my instructor and will cry if she ever leaves my gym!

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