A me day

I decided to have a me day, after my day at work yesterday I needed it. I slept in till 11 (it felt awesome!)

Then I went to get a pedicure. I rarely do things for me.

Then I went out with some girls from work:

Question for you: What do you do on a “me” day?

7 thoughts on “A me day

  1. I had some “me” time yesterday – I didn’t work because on of my daughters was in a school musical – I had about 90 minutes between putting my youngest on the Kindergarten bus and heading over to the other school…since it was nice out (about 60!) I went for a 4 mile run…it was nice since now that I’m back at work I don’t get to run in the afternoon anymore, so I felt like I was playing hookey! Then since I took her home after the play she and I sat on the front porch together with a bowl of popcorn and just chatted….it was SO nice to have quiet time and quiet time with her, too….

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