Chicago and Back

This past weekend, I went with Erin (my cousin) and Laurie (my friend) to visit Jill (my cousin and best friend). We had a blast! but unfortuantly I dont have many “people” pictures…..darn

When we first arrived, my cousin showed us her cute dogs trick.

When she tries to leave, Louie will get into ANY bag even if its the size of a pencil bag!

Isnt he cute!

We didnt get to chicago till about 10. So we had some snacks on the way down (can you believe I got trail mix…..

Then we snacked on some guacamole before heading to bed.

In the morning we went on a run. An easy 8 mile run. It was rough! but beautiful. We ran right by the lake.

Before the run, I had oatmeal, banana, and PB (that I brought with me)


 I havent run outside (only on the treadmill) and the 33 degree weather did not agree with my lungs. But I finished! Then I took a LONG shower and apparently I looked like a turtle….or so I was told haha

For “lunch” we just munched on apples and some munchies. We then went SHOPPING!!! I didnt get anything, but it was still a good time. Except for seeing this…..(haha just kidding, alittle)

I REALLY wanted to get this….I should have


Then we got margaritas and mexican! And home for some wine!

(checking blogs haha)

In bed around 1230, after watching Pretty Women. Awesome movie!

My legs were KILLING me. You would think Ive learned to stretch after running!

– tomorrow I will blog about IKEA. It deserves its own blog dont ya think? haha

Question for you:

-What is your favorite stretch after exercising?


5 thoughts on “Chicago and Back”

  1. What a grea day! And I always forget to stretch after running too. I do it probably 50% of the time. My favorite is the hip flexor stretch where you put your ankle on your knee and “sit”. But that is because my hip tends to get sore when I run!

  2. Oh, stretching, my best friend….oh, how I hate it! I have to do it, though…so when I get back from a run, I would say that the one that gives me the most relief, is an IT/Glute stretch….followed by hamstring and quad….I tend to forget my calves sometimes, but if I don’t do the others, forget about even walking the rest of the day!!! (I won’t blame it on old age, yet!)

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