Before heading to IKEA on Sunday. We stopped for brunch to fuel up!

I started with A BIG KID hot chocolate (really)

Then I split the apple stuff french toast and hash with my cousin.

My stomach was SO full. Because we spent TWO HOURS at IKEA. No joke.

this was just ONE of the carts, out of THREE

My cousin Erin wanted to go for a rug she found online. no IKEA in STL 😦

Andddddd…..we didnt even get a rug haha. But lots of other goodies. plus our bags for the trip–good thing we brought the BIG car haha

this is all my stuff! I got a vase, knobs, 6place setting in gray/blue, salad bowl, 4 mugs, tupperware, pie and cake cutter, and picture frames.

I also got some baskets for the shelves on the back porch



The knobs for my son’s school desk.



You might not be able to tell a difference, but I love how the desk looks now. Especially since before one of the knobs didnt even match.

Well here are some of my favorites!

(the white plate is from a target set I got in December)

Question for you:

Have you ever been to IKEA? Do you like big stores like this, or small one of a kind places?

4 thoughts on “IKEA”

  1. i love ikea but i have to go right away when it opens so it isn’t soooo busy. the office stuff you got is awesome.

    to answer your question about the beef, we sell it in the store i work at. it is marked as grass fed and finished on the package. i’ve seen meats like this at co-op and whole foods and places like that.

    1. going early is defiantly a must- I think I might have ran over a few people when I was there haha jk

      I will have to check whole foods or trader joes next time. Is it usually more expensive meat? Im sure its worth it though

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