New day

The past few days, I havent been myself. I have been feeling down and I have been very negative about myself. My body is getting VERY squishy. I first turned to my friends. And today I turned to my blog friends. I found this thats been going around the blog world!


A.   Age: 25 birthday in july

B.    Bed size: Full bed all to myself. Although I have found this little guy in there haha

C.   Chore you hate: Cleaning the bathroom

D.   Dogs: my dog riley always puts a smile on my face! 

 E.    Essential start to your day: huge glass of water!

F.  Favorite color: pink

G.  Gold or silver: Silver

H.  Height: 5’7

I.   Instruments you play: I use to play the piano

J.   Job title: NICU staff nurse

K.  Kids: One pretty awesome 5 year old

L.  Live: St louis, MO

M. Mom’s name: Nancy

N.  Nicknames: Krissy, Kris .

O.  Overnight hospital stays: Only when my son was born.

P.  Pet peeve: When it isnt raining but people have the windshield wipers on

Q.  Quote from a movie: “Theres no place like home” Wizard of Oz

R.  Righty or Lefty: Righty.

S.   Siblings: Two brothers and Im stuck in the middle

T.   Time you wake up: 5:45 when I work. 6:45 when I take my son to school. On weekends I pray for 8am! haha

U.   Underwear: I always wear it haha

V.    Vegetables you dislike: brussel sprouts. Although people blog about them A LOT!

W.   What makes you run late: My son. and blogging haha

X.    X-rays you’ve had: Arm. But I have never broken anything

Y.    Yummy food you make: Anything with pumpkin. My family loves when I bake

Z.     Zoo animal favorite: Giraffes

Tell me your three F’s:

  • Favorite movie:
  • Finest Quality:
  • Favorite memory:

Here is mine:

  • Favorite movie: Wizard of Oz
  • Finest Quality: I like my laugh
  • Favorite memory: Whenever my son says I love you. Melts my heart!
  • Well Im off to bed.  I hope I can get some sleep or at least a nap tomorrow. I also want to take my dog for a walk/run. Need to get my booty moving!

    7 thoughts on “New day”

    1. Cute!

      Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth. It was actually a BBC special so does that count?)
      Finest Quality: I’m overly forgiving I think. I really can’t even remember sometimes when someone offends me what they did. LoL. I think it can all be blamed on a bad memory.
      Favorite memory: I just mentioned that bad memory right? Probably just memories of my grandfathers. I lost both of them within a few years and I adored them both.


    2. Oh my gosh I hate brussel sprouts too- ALL THE BLOGGIES LOVE THEM THOUGH! I just can’ get past the fact they taste like gym socks…

      Favorite movie: Black Swan!
      Finest Quality: I am very easy going/ go with the flow
      Favorite memory: Running my first marathon this past sunday AHH!


      1. I havent seen black swan, I heard that its a bit dark….but I might have to try it.
        I heard about your first marathon! that is awesome. I had a quick ?: I was trying to subscribe to your blog, but I cant find where….help??haha

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