Day Three

Sorry for a quick post tonight and Im SOOO sorry I still havent told you about the awesome bachelorette party (its coming I promise).

But since its 945 and I have to get ready for work, and get up at 545, Im going to have to call it a night.

I did want to let you all know, I went to the gym again!!! This might not seem like a big deal, but I havent worked out three days in a row in a while. Tonight I did the elliptical for 30minutes. I did 45sec as fast as I could, then 15sec easy. It was a good sweaty workout!

I received this picture from Angela. Check her blog-its awesome!

Question for you:

What is your favorite motivational quote?


Pretty good day. After taking my son to school, I went back to bed till 10:30. It was really nice. Even though I wasn’t hungry, my brain was screaming PUMPKIN PANCAKES!
topped with agave nectar

Then I was ready for the gym! Day two in a row…I was thinking I might try to get a streak going- WHOS WITH ME?

For lunch, again not hungry. Just thirsty. Blueberry Smoothie.


I knew I needed to eat something, so I used left over roast to make a sandwich

Then dinner came and my mom said chinese. Still not hungry, but I couldnt resist
I used to eat 3x this amount
 This was my mom’s…I wanted this one!

 This was mine, still a good one


 And this is my son’s

 Last one was my dad’s. We all had a good laugh about this one

“You never hesitate to tackle the most dificult problems”

After blogging, Im going to start reading this, has anyone read this before?

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

 And hanging out with guy…haha love the ears

Question for you:
1.) Do you like fortune cookies?
2.)  What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

3.) are you reading any books for fun at the moment?


My new friend

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I was a little off. I still dont have an appetitie (I saw a picture of my

ex-fiancee’s new gf- thanks facebook) So I was a bit down.

Anyway I still ate about 1200 calories. I was at work ALLLL day. But I didnt cry! haha

Then I went to the gym!!!! Can you believe it!?!?! I havent been there in forever! It felt great! I did interval runs on the treadmill for 3.5 miles.

I am really jealous of Holly and Caitlyn who can workout on the arc trainer, but I still got a good workout.

I now am heading to bed (tomorrow I PROMISE to update everyone on the bachelorette party)

And Im hoping this little friend helps me go to sleep!


Question for you:

Do you use anything to help you sleep?

Mom by day, Batgirl by night

Earlier today, I was playing legos with my son.

Andrew: “Mommy will you be the princess.”
Me: “sure. because I AM a princess”
Andrew: “no your not, youre bat girl”

obviously my son has a great memory (this was from halloween 2009)

Andddd he has a pretty cool mom. haha


Well I just wanted to share that funny story with you! Tomorrow I will post about the bachelorette party!

I stink

Trust me, Ill explain the title. Now for the eats

Breakfast was yummy pancakes. I was going to take a picture…..then a couldnt find my camera (insert a lot of panic)

 Luckily, I found it in my purse….not so lucky, that I ate it all before I found it haha

It was then time for the post office. Party City. Target.

I made cupcakes for my friends bachelorette party tomorrow.

Box of cake mix + 12 oz of diet soda= HEAVEN!

Then I will add cool whip on top tomorrow.

 The bachelorette party is in springfield IL. I am one of the bridesmaids. Here I am with the bride (in the orange) with two of the other bridesmaids.

After making cupcakes, it was time to make the bride’s cup for tomorrow.

This isnt the best picture. But I put hearts and different shapes around the top and bottom. Also a J (for the bride) and M (for the groom) I hope she likes it! I love doing projects like this!

All that fun work required some fuel. (even though I snacked all morning on cashews

They are the devil!

Then lunch consisted of ONLY orange (and yummy foods)

 cantaloupe, colby cheese, and sweet potato fries
Dinner I went all brown. A bowl of cereal. Boring.
THEEENNNNNNNN it was movie night with Andrew

I had a glass of wine and 100 cal popcorn, while he had mini chips ahoy (LUCKY)

——————————————————————————————-SOOOO back to the title.

Basically I feel like I stink, not in a BO sense, but a failure to myself…

. I am not happy with whats going on right now with my body. I have absolutely no energy. Today just running a few errands, totally kicked my butt. I never use to be this way! I use to run/bike for miles EACH day. I would take break days, but I ALWAYS got back to it. I dont know if its the meds Im on, the lack of sun Ive been getting, hormone problems, or just plain laziness.

this was a year ago

 Today I figured out my calories on (which I love) and it was almost 2000 calories! WHAT! I dont know what my deal is. I eat. Dont exercise. Cant Sleep.

I know I am stressed about my soon to be house. But I have these clothes……

(my closet is NOT this clean right now)

……………………………………………………………………………………………….nothing fits.

I have gained 30lbs in the past 6 months. My booty looks like two basketballs. I jiggle. I hate looking in the mirror. I have a wedding next month that I have to wear my dress and feel good about it! I dont want to go out because when I have to find something to wear I get depressed.

I dont want to give up. I want to have a healthy body. I want to look in the mirror and think DAMN she looks good. (haha)

Ok enough debbie downer.

I guess I just need some help.

I dont know what else to say. Im actually tearing up while typing this.

Im lost.

Branson has to come to an end

You can check up on the girls weekend here and here

On Saturday morning I laid in bed till 10am, I RARELY EVER get to do this!  since we were all hungry, and didnt want breakfast-  we started the grill!

Lunch was delicious burgers (I ate mine without a bun). Just dipping it in ketchup! then I had a salad on the side, and some chips.

Then winery time! We went to the stonehill Winery for samples!

Back in the day, they would hold wine in here, and someone would have to crawl in there to clean it out! crazy!

After that we went SHOPPING. My favorite part of the trip!

I got several goodies for my house and my son.
 then played Just Dance 2! I got sweaty doing this!
just dance 2!

 Then it was time for bed. The next day it was time to go home……..



Question for you:

Do you like to go to wineries?

-I love going there! Especially on a nice day! (the price stinks though)

Running with the cows

(continue from my fun weekend in Branson with the girls. Part I is here)

On Friday down in Branson, I couldn’t sleep in. So I got up and went for a run. I havent been running in awhile (yep I have a half marathon on april 10th, but I just dont have any energy) I didn’t care how far I went, ended up going 2.5 miles (yep thats it I felt like a failure). Had to walk a couple times (boo) Here are some pictures from the run!


When I ran past these cows, they turned around to follow me! haha. It was like they were thinking “what is that running towards us?” haha

While looking at the beautiful cabins…

…..I fell on a rock and landed right on my knee and even scratch my camera a bit…booo

Did this tree see something it shouldnt…….haha

I also got these great pictures!

After a shower, and a big breakfast of biscuits and eggs, it was PEDICURE TIME!


Then it was time to ride the ducks. These are old machines used in the war, that go on land and water.


We then did a bit of shopping……got mexican for dinner. and then wine, ice cream, and biggest loser book for dessert (ok we didnt get the book-it was just a joke haha)

we also had some drinks and got in the hot tub again…tonight it was too cold……

(i do have a swim suit on)
my friend cory, I got to share a bed with her this weekend

(saturday and sunday still to come!)

Question for you:

Do you ever feel guilty eating junk food?

-I do. Especially when my clothes wont fit.


Road trip

Last Thursday, it was time for a ROAD TRIP!

I went with four other girls that I work with to Branson, MO. We stayed in amazing cabins.

beautiful cabin

On the way, we stopped by Lambert’s restaurant in Springfield, MO. This is a picture from my table.

the rolls dont come on the table, they throw them to yoU!

Once we got got to branson, we unpacked and made sure the refigerator was full!

We didnt eat lunch till 4, so dinner was just left overs. but we did have a few of these

And finally it was time for the hot tub! (It was so hot, we had to sit on the edge every once in awhile)

(thats me sitting in the hot tub on the right)

…..story to be continued…….

Question for you:

What is your favorite alcoholic drink? (if you have one)