Chicken and Cookie Recipes

I am so sorry it took so long to get these up. But they are FINALLY here!

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Chicken



1 package chicken (about 1.5lbs)

1/2 cup part skim ricotta

1 package frozen chopped spinach

2% shredded mozzarella (1/2-3/4 cup)

3/4 c seasoned bread crumbs

3 egg whites

salt, pepper, garlic powder


Defrost spinach in microwave. Squeeze out water

Place in bowl with ricotta, salt, pepper, and garlic powder

Add 1 egg white and mix w/ fork

Beat other 2 egg whites with dash of water, salt and pepper

Coat chicken in egg and then breadcrumbs. Place on baking sheet.

Put spinach mixture on top of chicken

Top with shredded cheese

Roll Chicken and secure with toothpick

Bake 250 degrees for 25-30 minutes

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies


2 tbsp butter, softened

2 tsp canola oil

1/2 cup dark brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/8 tsp table salt

1 large egg white

3/4 c flour

1/4 tsp baking soda

3 oz semi sweet chocolate chips (1/2 cup)


Preheat oven to 375

Mix all dry ingredients together. and wet ingredients separately. Then slowly add dry to wet.

Bake and EAT!

2 thoughts on “Chicken and Cookie Recipes”

  1. Are those mini chocolate chip cookies from the Weight Watcher recipe?? Because I LOVEEEE those!

    That chicken looks delish too 🙂 I eat so much chicken that I am a bit afraid I will turn into one… 😡

    1. they are from weightwatchers! I make them all the time, and everyone loves them (I have some picky eaters in my house and usually only like cookies with a full stick of butter. but they love these haha)

      I eat chicken at least once a day… I understand your fear haha

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