Tooth Fairy

Today was a pretty rough day. Starting yesterday, I have had EXTREME mouth and tooth pain. I was able to eat yesterday, but today all I have been able to have is cereal (chewing on the right side of my mouth)

THen this afternoon (after MANY attempts at IBprofeun and tylenol) I tried to eat soup, bit down on the left side, and almost fell on the floor from pain. I called the dentist ASAP and I was even crying at the dentist because of the pain.

Luckily, I got some meds filled for pain and antibiotics.

Funny side story: While waiting, I ran into a guy I dated that I met on match. com We made eye contact but I was on the phone and that was all that happened. (I might have walked the other way pretty quickly…)

Even though the day was NOT my finest. My son made this at school for me

my son and I with our dog Riley

Question for you:

What is something/someone who always makes your day?

6 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy”

  1. ouch woman! hope your mouth is feeling better today.

    i had to laugh at your story. i went out with a dude once about 4 yrs ago and i randomly see him like once a month! he was a bit of tool and the date was not good. what do you say to people like that?!

  2. Having 4 daughters, there is often a lot of drama around our home – my 3rd, she’s 7, is my “dearheart”….when ever I’m having “one of those days”, she’ll cock her head to the side, give me the puppy dog eyes and say, “come on, come get a hug” in the sweetest voice… Now, if she is current bane of my existence, then that’s another story! When she isn’t the one contributing to my bad moment, I certainly can look to her for that reminder that it really isn’t all that bad!

    1. aww thats so cute! sometimes my son can be a little wild (i call him hurricane andrew- it makes us both laugh. and calm down) But then he does the sweetiest things! At soccer practice, he blew me four kisses while playing haha

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