Baby Food

Today I feel a MILLION times better (thanks to the pain meds and antibiotics) I dont think medicine fixes everything but OH BOY do I feel better. But the pain meds made me really tired and I was also very nauseous so my food options were very plain

Breakfast: yogurt and only 1/2 a bowl of cereal. I COULDNT finish it. Now you know Im not feeling well right?!?! haha

Then I went back to bed till 11:30. Again you know Im not feeling well since I usually cant sleep past 9 or 10

Lunch was oatmeal, with a big spoonful of better than peanut butter (that the oats made disappear haha)

Then I picked my son up from school, and had a grilled cheese sandwich with TONS of chips. I was so happy to eat!

Dinner was another meal Im not use to, pizza and then ice cream for dessert.  My mouth feels alittle better-I hope I can make it to work tomorrow- not taking the pain meds.

~~ There is a giveaway on meals and moves– check it out!~~

After school, my son decided to set up a “table” with his chair. He then got his piggy bank out, and said he wanted to share his money with the poor. He said they can bring $ in to their school.

Question for you:

Did you ever raise money for a cause?

-When I became a NICU nurse, I started walking and raising money for March for Babies.

3 thoughts on “Baby Food”

  1. I do the March for Babies too every year. Three years ago my son was almost born premature (30 weeks) but after a week in the hospital and strick bedrest luckily I went until full term. Well since then I’ve been so thankful and that’s my way of showing my support for the babies and families of premature babies.

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