Falling apart

It official. Im falling apart in Louie. haha

I worked today while taking ibprofeun every 4 hours. I made it through the day (with some pain), and luckily the babies I took care of were doing great! (which means a slow steady day for me)

Then I got home and my tooth was KILLING me. So I took a vicodine. Now. I feel like Im going to throw up and Im light headed.

Im not use to being sick. And well, I dont like it. I ESPECIALLY hate throwing up. (but who does haha)

The other issue is my son is at his dad’s house this weekend. As some of you know, I dont like when he is gone. Its quiet. And well, I miss him even if its a few hours. Basically, I love him!

ON A POSTIVE NOTE: I do have some REALLY good news! I went to look at houses with my realtor on Wednesday, and I found one I LOVED! So on Sunday I am bringing my parents and brother to see it to get their opinion. Basically all day at work, I kept showing people pictures! I hope everything works out!

Question for you:

Who/What is someone/something you miss whenever it is gone?

3 thoughts on “Falling apart”

  1. OH! Can’t wait to see pix of the house…praying for you about it!
    As much as the craziness of my 4 girls can get, when they aren’t all home it does seem strange and quiet when they are gone….and I do in fact miss them…. Shh…don’t tell! 😉

    Feel better, girl…

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