Went to work today.

The whole time I was thinking about the house!

(no this isnt the house- but its TINY!)



Good News: They came back with an offer



Bad News: I can’t afford the house at that price.




Soooo its back to the drawling board.





Question for you:

Do you live in a house, apartment, or at home with the folks?

6 thoughts on “BUMMMMERRR”

  1. Drats! Then it wasn’t meant to be your home. When it works out – then you’ll know why! Keep looking, don’t let it get you down….think that there must be a reason and there is something better for you and Andrew still waiting!

    We live in our own home, there are 6 of us and a dog! Most days, I wish it were smaller – there’d be less to clean and less “stuff” to clutter it!!!! Grass is always greener somewhere else…

    Good luck on your hunt…enjoy the journey…

  2. Oh what a bummer. Oh well! Lots of other houses out there!
    I live at home with my parents to save money/pay off things. They are kind enough to put up with me and Rob but we try to help around the house too! Would love to get my own place. When the time is right!

  3. Awe, I’m sorry that the house didn’t work out for you. When the right house comes along, it will all work out. It always does…maybe not in the time-frame we want, but it will work out.

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