Happy News!

Today was a pretty good day on the house front!

(rewind to Monday)

I found the house I wanted and put an offer on it. They counter offered. I didn’t because I couldn’t go any higher. Then yesterday I was able to place a counter offer. AND THEY ACCEPTED!!!!

The next step will be  when I have ALLLL the expensive inspections. Which will take a few hours.

I am excited. BUT SOOOOO nervous! I am worried if I get TOO excited , and something goes wrong, then I will be let down.

I will keep you updated!


Angela and I made a deal today, NO CANDY. And I did it! So now I am starting a NO CANDY streak to see how long I can go! Today: Day 1. haha

I also know Lent is upon us. And so a friend and I at work have given up elevators. Thats right. STAIRS ALL THE WAY!

Question for you:

What are you giving up for lent?

7 thoughts on “Happy News!”

  1. I’m going to give up those peanut butter eggs but I do appreciate one or two of those chocolate eggs here and there. How about I can only have 5 per day at work and no candy at home? LoL, sounds like a plan to me!

    And I’ve give up elevators at work too but it wouldn’t be fair because all of our buildings only have one floor 😛

    1. The only elevators for me are at work, and my floor is up on the fifth floor. so its a good walk. Hopefully by the end of lent ill be running up them, instead of huffing and puffing haha

  2. I know this is an AWFUL thing to give up for lent- but I want to give up using my phone while driving. It’s illegal in NY and its obviously an awful habit, but I tend to use it at stop signs/lights/ long empty roads and it NEEDS to end. So giving it up for lent I hope will instill a habit in me.

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