I cant sleep. I have a lot on my mind. A lot going on.

Im thinking about the house. It gets inspected on Wednesday. What if something goes wrong? What if it doesnt pass? If it does, I have to pack (all my stuff!!!) buy stuff (more money) paint (well thats fun) ….the list goes on and on. I keep waking up at night thinking about how I will be alone with my son. I have never lived by myself.

Also, my tooth has started hurting. After the antibiotics, the pain is back. Pain meds help a little, but I can hardly eat. Im not off work till wednesday, so I have to work through it.

My son has a double ear infection. The last time, they talked about putting tubes in.

Im sorry if this sounds like a lot of complaining, its not. I just have a lot of worry right now. Most of it is about money. I just had to get all my feelings out.

I hope I can sleep through the night!!!! Lately I have been waking up around 3am, either in pain or from my mind turning.

Question for you:

How many hours of sleep do you need (want)?

-I try to get at least 7. All i know is, I want to get my tooth fixed wed and then Im taking a nap!!!!

11 thoughts on “ZZZzzzzzz”

  1. I need to get at least 8, but after daylight savings time yesterday I got 12 ha.

    Have you thought about taking melatonin? It’s all natural and safe-and it stimulates the melatonin in your brain and keeps you asleep all night. You don’t wake up groggy like Tylenol PM or something since it just stimulates the already melatonin. I love it (and don’t use it everynight) just on nights I’m having a hard time sleeping.

  2. Oh, girl…hope you slept! I know it is easier said than done, so here’s my 2 cents….worry won’t change anything…You can make a plan for the “if’s” – If it fails inspection, you will….get repairs, make another counter offer, etc….If he needs tubes, you can….get another opinion, wait until another ear infection, etc…once you have a plan for the “if’s” then let go of the worry, have a plan, take control…Use SP site SparkSavings and create a budget and track spending…it’s a great site…then once you have that plan, you’ll have control over that too…Notice the control pattern? When you have a plan, then some of the control isn’t random, it’s in your hands, lessening the worry….See, and you didn’t know you had another mom in NJ! 😉

    1. 🙂 well you just put a smile on my face. Im glad I have another “mom” in NJ. But I would just call you an awesome friend!
      you are right. i need to make a plan. And stop worrying. Today i woke up at 4 am and started to think about what color to paint the kitchen! I was like WHAT ARE YOU DOING! go to bed! haha

    1. thanks for the hug!
      I know everything will work out, I think I just need more sleep. Everything seems worse when you are tired haha
      LUCKILY I have been eating pretty well! I dont think I am losing though 😦

  3. Hey Krissy –
    As a Realtor I’d like to give you a little unsolicited advice (hope you don’t mind). The inspections aren’t a pass/fail kind of thing. The inspectors are there to inform you of any issues or repairs that need to be done to the house to bring it up to the best condition for it’s age. The pass/fail part is up to you-how much $ and work so you want to put in. Also, if there is anything MAJOR that is broken, it’s always in the best interest of the seller to fix it for you. If they don’t, they’ll just keep running into it with any other buyer that may come along. Lastly, don’t ask them to repair everything on the list. It’s overwhelming for them and a lot of sellers get offended. Choose the issues that you know you can’t afford or can’t do yourself. If it’s meant to be – it will be! Best of luck!!

    1. I LOVEEEE advice!! haha
      And thanks. I guess I was thinking of it as a Pass/Fail type of thing. My cousin (who went through 9 months of looking for a house, and MANY offers) informed me they will come back with things, but that doesnt mean you have to have everything perfect.
      Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! thank yoU!
      (now to just not hyperventilate on wednesday haha jk)

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