Knot in my stomach

I was having a really good day. (except for my tooth hurting whenever I ate)

I stayed away from the candy at work(four days- candy free haha)

Then it turned …..

My son’s father asked if he could take our son back to his house for dinner tonight. No prob. when I got home from work, my son informed me that there was also a girl there.


For some of my blog friends, you may not know I have had trouble with my ex. Two years ago, I ended a 6 year relationship. Engaged from four. It was the right thing to do. He wasnt the future husband I wanted, and he wasn’t a father to our son.  He was actually going to leave stl, because he didnt want to live here anymore. And he was leaving with or without me and my son.  (hence why I finally ended it)

Now I think. Why is he still in stl? Was it not about stl, it was just about me?

But now. Even two years after breaking up, I still have a knot in my stomach.

I know I deserve the best. I deserve to be happy.

Ok enough of that stuff.  haha

This morning at 4am, I woke up from a nightmare dream about what color I will paint my kitchen. Yup. No lie. haha.

This house stuff  (inspections,papers) need to get finished. I need to sleep! I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking about everything!

Then I found this


(deep breaths haha)

I have never painted my own room, or picked what color to use. There are so many! I know its only paint, but its MY house. (weird to say) Maybe Ill have you guys help me to pick out colors!!!

Question for you:

What is the color of your kitchen?

(ps I think I decided on a yellow green for the kitchen haha)

8 thoughts on “Knot in my stomach”

  1. Oh, how fun to have a empty house to paint! We moved into our house over 9 years ago and only last fall I painted the kids rooms! My kitchen, is the one color that I do not like in the house – the rest doesn’t bother me…and to make it even worse….it flows into my family room! So, almost half of my main floor is the same yucky color! It’s kind of like a pinkish-peachy-fleshy color…think old crayola color – Flesh! Oy!
    I’d been dreaming of painting the main floor and the color I’d gone and chosen for the kitchen was sort of a light sage green color…so I’m with you on the yellow/green!!!

  2. How exciting! How far is St Louis from NJ? Cause I think if you had a painting party, I would come. LoL. I like green kitchens personally. It just always looks so homey and relaxing. So yellow-green sounds good to me! I am so jealous of your getting to do up a new place. I LOVE home decorating and interior design. It will be bad when I have my own house because I’ll probably change the decor with every season!

    1. haha it could be like a blogging road trip and you could all come viisit! haha
      I like greens too! But since the kicthen is so small, I thought I should go with a light color.
      (inspections tomorrow! keeping EVERY finger crossed haha)

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