Hi everyone!

Just a quickie post. I am on a GIRLS weekend in Branson MO.

NICU friends

I wont be able to post much. Im trying to stay off the internet and enjoy the quiet. We all have kids, so its nice just to sit (notice we all have our pjs on and its 8pm haha)

Question for you:

Do you ever have “girl” weekends/nights? what do you do?

4 thoughts on “BRANSON!”

  1. You are always doing fun things! I’ve never done a girls weekend, but I tend to have individual friends over groups of friends so they don’t really know each other anyway. Have a fun filled weekend!

  2. A bunch of my friends are actually doing a weekend long Scrapbooking thing…I don’t really scrapbook, so I only show up for an hour or two to socialize…they’ve been there since Friday afternoon and will wrap it up by about 4 today (Sunday)… I don’t get away much, mostly since my friends are just as busy as I am and I’m one of those with too many control issues and worry that if I’m away, the weekend won’t function like it is supposed to and the kids won’t get to where they need! Guess I need to let go, huh? I’m not that important! The world can function without me for a weekend!

    Hope you are having a great time!

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