Running with the cows

(continue from my fun weekend in Branson with the girls. Part I is here)

On Friday down in Branson, I couldn’t sleep in. So I got up and went for a run. I havent been running in awhile (yep I have a half marathon on april 10th, but I just dont have any energy) I didn’t care how far I went, ended up going 2.5 miles (yep thats it I felt like a failure). Had to walk a couple times (boo) Here are some pictures from the run!


When I ran past these cows, they turned around to follow me! haha. It was like they were thinking “what is that running towards us?” haha

While looking at the beautiful cabins…

…..I fell on a rock and landed right on my knee and even scratch my camera a bit…booo

Did this tree see something it shouldnt…….haha

I also got these great pictures!

After a shower, and a big breakfast of biscuits and eggs, it was PEDICURE TIME!


Then it was time to ride the ducks. These are old machines used in the war, that go on land and water.


We then did a bit of shopping……got mexican for dinner. and then wine, ice cream, and biggest loser book for dessert (ok we didnt get the book-it was just a joke haha)

we also had some drinks and got in the hot tub again…tonight it was too cold……

(i do have a swim suit on)
my friend cory, I got to share a bed with her this weekend

(saturday and sunday still to come!)

Question for you:

Do you ever feel guilty eating junk food?

-I do. Especially when my clothes wont fit.


8 thoughts on “Running with the cows”

  1. Yep I feel guilty 99% of the time when I junk food. Even pregnant and eating something I’m craving, I feel guilty. Not cool.

    Looks like a beautiful place to run.

  2. Not too much to run by here in the way of animals, lots of fields, just not too many animals…maybe a horse or two, but they scare the pants off of me! When I lived out in CA, we used to run by lots of cows, really close…I don’t think they have good eyesight! They always seemed surprised we were there!

    Looks like a beautiful place to have a girls retreat weekend…and a peaceful place to run…glad you had a good time! Now that you are back, get back to mindful eating, tracking and put the weekend’s junk food behind you…Keep focused on your run…

    1. Oh man. I wish I could say Im following your advice. Im eating too much. I have no exercise. I just am losing it. and im stressed. None of my clothes fit except for sweat pants…..what do I do?

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