Branson has to come to an end

You can check up on the girls weekend here and here

On Saturday morning I laid in bed till 10am, I RARELY EVER get to do this!  since we were all hungry, and didnt want breakfast-  we started the grill!

Lunch was delicious burgers (I ate mine without a bun). Just dipping it in ketchup! then I had a salad on the side, and some chips.

Then winery time! We went to the stonehill Winery for samples!

Back in the day, they would hold wine in here, and someone would have to crawl in there to clean it out! crazy!

After that we went SHOPPING. My favorite part of the trip!

I got several goodies for my house and my son.
 then played Just Dance 2! I got sweaty doing this!
just dance 2!

 Then it was time for bed. The next day it was time to go home……..



Question for you:

Do you like to go to wineries?

-I love going there! Especially on a nice day! (the price stinks though)

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