Pretty good day. After taking my son to school, I went back to bed till 10:30. It was really nice. Even though I wasn’t hungry, my brain was screaming PUMPKIN PANCAKES!
topped with agave nectar

Then I was ready for the gym! Day two in a row…I was thinking I might try to get a streak going- WHOS WITH ME?

For lunch, again not hungry. Just thirsty. Blueberry Smoothie.


I knew I needed to eat something, so I used left over roast to make a sandwich

Then dinner came and my mom said chinese. Still not hungry, but I couldnt resist
I used to eat 3x this amount
 This was my mom’s…I wanted this one!

 This was mine, still a good one


 And this is my son’s

 Last one was my dad’s. We all had a good laugh about this one

“You never hesitate to tackle the most dificult problems”

After blogging, Im going to start reading this, has anyone read this before?

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

 And hanging out with guy…haha love the ears

Question for you:
1.) Do you like fortune cookies?
2.)  What is your favorite smoothie recipe?

3.) are you reading any books for fun at the moment?


11 thoughts on “Fortune”

  1. I usually just open up my cookie but don’t eat it – I don’t usually like the flavor, almond? Who knows… I have fun with the fortunes and my girls like looking at their “lucky” numbers!

    As for reading, I’ve always got my nose in a book…anything by Karen Kingsbury, lately I’ve found another Christian author I like – Denise Hunter and just above her at my library is another one I discovered! Another “H” name – I’d have to go upstairs and look – I’ll let you know! So far, so good, though! I also enjoy Jodi Piccoult and Nicholas Sparks books… Let me know how you like the one you are reading…could be my next library pick!

    1. fortune cookies do have a different taste. I like them because I only eat one because they arent that sweet haha!

      I love that you have such a long list of books! and I will defiantly tell you about this book, its a bit slow in the beginning

      1. Sometimes I wonder if instead of being an educator, if I should have been a librarian or Literature teacher! I just love books – I enjoy classics too, but don’t think to re-read them after the HS/College days! It’s been so long that my brain would probably think it’s never been read! This getting old stuff is crazy! Maybe I’ll take a cue from Angela and look at her list!

  2. 1) I usually just eat the cookie and ignore the fortune. LoL.
    2) You know my favorite, peanut butter chocolate banana! (Chocolate protein powder, peanut butter (or powder), milk and/or water, 1 banana)
    3) I just finished reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austen (and read Pride and Prejudice last week). I’m not debating on going with another Jane Austen book (Emma or perhaps Persuasion?) or reading Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollen. Hm…

      1. I’ve already read it before (have read all Jane Austen novels! haha) and its pretty good. The main character is a bit annoying but you grow to appreciate her for her kindness and meaning well. I think its a good read! And the movie version with Gweneth Paltrow is pretty good actually if you want a shortcut 🙂

  3. Hi Krissy!!
    OK, I finally found your “other blog”!! Now I can see all your photos, etc..
    I want to read that book–it’s on my list.
    I always eat the fortune cookie, and usually ignore the fortune unless it’s very witty..
    I don’t really like the cookies that much–but I eat them because I eat anything that doesn’t move!! LOL!!!!

    I’m so glad you’re going back to the gym!! Good for you!! Just take it a day at a time, adding new habits as others get established.. You will be back on track in no time!

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