I <3 the Beach!

More beach time!

My adorable 1 year old nephew

Dad just chillin’

Sand castle time!

My brother and his son

It was the perfect day at the beach.

Question for you:

What kind of swim suit do you like to wear?

-I wear I tankini top, and regular bottoms. One day I hope to wear a bikini……someday


Yep. on the drive to Fort Morgan, Alabama, my family was in the middle of a tornago (well it was 20miles south, but we still got hit with the hail)

Anway, so we start Friday morning getting ready for the triP!

I had a banana and some YUMMMy (bad for yoU) braided bread

Then it was time for the grocery store, figuring out my home owners insurance (SOOO glad its done), and PACKING!

I took a break to have a hamburger and some AMAZING peanut butter filled pretzels!

We were actually packed and out of the house ON TIME! that never happens. Usually if we say we are leaving at 3, its 4 or later haha. I was the main driver (I prefer it that way)

My son actually slept for about…..30 minutes of the 7 hour drive haha

Then we hit cape girardeau MO……and we hit TROUBLE! A huge storm. hail. and a tornado spotted 20 mile south of us!

We decided to pull over in Cape (since we couldnt see while we were driving!)

And get some food at Cracker Barrel!

I got the turkey noodle soup and chicken sandwich. YUM. Desert was peanut butter M &Ms in the car

Leaving dinner, it looked like this!!!

We arrived at the hotel around 10pm. I was BEAT!

Question for you:

Tornados: Cool, or Lame?


Im going on a eight day vacation with my mom, dad, son, brother, sister n law, and nephew.

This is all of us in Ireland. I have a younger brother, but he just started a new job and cant go.

I will be gone 8 days, work three, walk through on my house, and then close on my house! Its going to be crazy busy. I am going to try and blog, but I might be busy laying on the beach haha

(I am bringing my computer just in case!)

Here are some pictures from my last trip to the to fort morgan a year ago with my son and mom.


Well not a good day on the food front. Again.

So Im going to make this a quick post.

A busy day with my 15month old nephew, son’s soccer game, broken windshield, and home owners insurance.

Well I broke down again. I ate.

Almost a whole bag of this.

why do I keep eating all this stuff?

Anyway, here are some other eats.

Im going to try and get some sleep tonight so I can make better food decisions.

Question for you:

what is your favorite trail mix combo?

240 calories

TOday after lunch I wanted something sweet. 

 I was atwork.
I was tired.
i was sore.
And I became weak and ate candy (I gave it up for lent)
Anyway, I ended up with 3 funsize kit kat.
I thought it was safe.
THEN I saw it was 240 calories TOTALLY!!!
I was in shock!!

And then I thought of all the things I could have eaten for 240 calories….








Well you get the idea. I wish I would have calculated them first.

emoticonQuestion for you:
How do you deal with a sweet tooth?

98 degrees

OK maybe it wasnt 98 degrees-but remember the band?
I still love Nick haha


Today the forecast was a HIGH of 85!

Anyway, I woke up at 5am and made a HUGE bowl of oatmeal (I couldn’t even finish it!)

Do I look ready or just tired?

Then my brother and sister in law got to my house around 6. And we headed downtown!

Anddd then straight to the bathroom. I always have to pee before a race

Then time to start!

I was a little nervous, but I knew I wasnt HALF as nervous as my brother who was running the FULL!! (crazy yes)

we kept a nice easy pace and still we were SWEATING by mile three!

I drank about four cups at EACH station. and the HILLS were a KILLER!

I did not have a great time AT ALL. My fastest half was 2.04. This one I finished in 2.48.

 (considering I am 30lbs heavier than last year, and the longest I ran was 8 a month ago- Ill take it!)

But my goal was to stay with my brother and make sure he was at a nice pace so he could finish 26.2 miles!

THEN the officials lowered a bomb on us. They closed the full marathon at 9am!

People were dropping like flies, and they had to call in EXTRA ambulances. It was kindof scary.

My brother on the other hand was NOT happy at all. He was doing so great, and they waited to mile 10 to tell everyone.

Well then he took off on the last three miles, and I just turned on my music and took the last three at a nice steady pace.

Can you believe I ran 10 miles without music!! I havent done that EVER!!!! It was nice to run and talk with my brother and focus on my breathing.

But I was dragging at the end, so I needed it.

THis song came on for the last mile. It was perfect.



So we all finished! My friend John actually ran the full, and qualified for BOSTON! he is crazy fast- 7min/miles the whole time!

 just a TAD red haha
My feet were KILLING me! I have a blister on my poor pinky toe….and my right ankle hurts. Otherwise I was just really dehydrated. So I showered and took an hour nap!


Some eats.

Hamburger, sweet potato fries. And a HUGE glass of water

Protein Green Monster

Some of my loot



Question for you:

Do you like to work out by yourself or others?


My nerves are starting.

Tomorrow I am running my 4th half marathon.

This one is Go St Louis (I ran this last year)


I am not AT ALL trained for this half.

I am basically just going to cheer on my brother who is running the Full.

Can you believe that? Running for 4+ hours—-EEK!!!! No thanks haha


Well. im off to bed.

Or lay in bed and think about everyhting I have to do.

Including getting up at 5 am!

Well Ill see you all tomorrow!!!

What are your plans for sunday?