Belly and Funny

I have a Full belly today. I just kept eating, even when I wasnt hungry. No good.

Breakfast: egg omlet, banana and PB

Lunch: Leftover Baked Macaroni and Cheese


Dessert: Low Fat Graham Crackers

Snack: Colby Cheese and Apple Slices

Dinner: Leftover baked macaroni and cheese AGAIN. its THAT good. I also made a spinach feta salad. I made my favorite jelly dressing. I also added sliced almonds

Jelly Dressing:

Ingredients: Sugar Free Raspberry Dressing

Vinegar (optional)

Olive oil (optional)

Mix all together. I just mix the jelly with water and add to the salad. I love it!


Well then I ate a ton. Cereal w/ banana. Kettle corn 100 calorie popcorn. graham crackers.

Calories: 1882. BOO.

But I did work out a ton. I played soccer with my son for over TWO HOURS!

it was almost 90 degrees!!!


My son and I made a really funny video on YouCam….

But it wont download….why?


Question for you:

What is your favorite workout, that doesnt include the gym or DVD?

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