Just another thursday…..

Lots of eats today.

After taking my son to school, I slept till 11. Then breakfast.

egg omlet. Banana and PB. Sweet potato fries

My favorite Better than peanut butter is almost out….and considering that its kindof expensive. I wont be getting it for awhile ($ goes to house for now haha)

so sad.

Still hungry……

More PB
and some ice cream

Then my kiddo got play clothes on, well he accidentally put his one year old cousins pants on, that look like capris! haha

We then went to Joey B’s for spinach articoke dip and a spinach salad w/ pecans, chicken, and cranraisins.


Then I went and got my tshirt for my kickball team!

Yep we are the scrappy squirrels haha

Then it was bedtime! My son did his own hair. A very nice mohawk. He made me laugh

Now I am making the playlist for my half marathon this sunday

Question for you:

What are some of your favorite workout songs?

9 thoughts on “Just another thursday…..”

  1. Right now my favorite is Adele’s 21 cd. Rolling in the Deep is awesome. The whole cd is amazing!

    I also like to listen to Paramore. Rock music makes me work out harder.

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