Random Friday

Happy Friday!

My friday started off a little with a little discomfort in my lower abdomen. (nope its not TOM)

 Im pretty sure its a bladder infection..so i got a jug of cranberry juice at Sams. And jugged it all day long!

Breakfast was just a boring bowl of cereal. Then I went to Sams. And then I went to my son’s school to read for his library class.

 I love going to his school during the day and meeting all the kids! I did see this bumper sticker..

Anyone like the twilight movies and/or books?

The books are good, but I dont know what the deal is with Robert Patterson…..I dont think hes that good looking.

Taylor, thats a different story. HAHA

When I got home I found these! How pretty!

Lunch was left over salad and a piece of french bread

I also had a snack: chocolate vitatop and PB. Then it got busy.

-Got my son from school.

-Went to my grandparents.

-Took my son to his dad’s house for the night.

-Went and got my shirt and number for the half marathon this sunday!!!!

-Dinner with my brother, sister n law, nephew, and their friends. PIZZA!

These is JERSEY style pizza! I had peppers, spinach, and chicken. It was delicious ESPECIALLY the crust!

 Now Im just sitting in my pjs getting ready for bed. Need my sleep for the half marathon in two days!

Question for you:

I took these wine bottles and cleaned them, took off the labels,and thought they were so pretty.

Now I am trying to think of things to do with them. Any suggestions?

Have you ever taken an object, made for one purpose, and made it for something else?

4 thoughts on “Random Friday”

  1. Oh, yes…the re-purposed items! I have an old Olive Oil bottle from Greece (from our honeymoon) that serves as my dish washing liquid bottle next to my sink, various odd shaped hot sauce, or vinegar bottles as bud vases….if I like the shape/color, I’ll find something to do with it!
    As for your bottles, candle holders, bud vases, filled with colored sand or small glass marbles they could be book ends…the possibilities are endless!

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