My nerves are starting.

Tomorrow I am running my 4th half marathon.

This one is Go St Louis (I ran this last year)


I am not AT ALL trained for this half.

I am basically just going to cheer on my brother who is running the Full.

Can you believe that? Running for 4+ hours—-EEK!!!! No thanks haha


Well. im off to bed.

Or lay in bed and think about everyhting I have to do.

Including getting up at 5 am!

Well Ill see you all tomorrow!!!

What are your plans for sunday?

3 thoughts on “nerves”

  1. Enjoy the day – even if you have to walk and run! I’ve done a marathon – my husband will be running his 6th or 7th in a few weeks…I wouldn’t mind trying to train for another one, but when he did the Goofy Challenge, well now that, was just plain…insane!!!

    Have a fantastic time cheering for your brother!

  2. I hope you had a great race!!!

    My plans today were to clean (which I was just reading just YOUR blog only before getting off this computer to do said cleaning) and just got home from my father-in-law’s birthday party. Ah, family functions… Fun is not a word I would use. Interesting perhaps.

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