98 degrees

OK maybe it wasnt 98 degrees-but remember the band?
I still love Nick haha


Today the forecast was a HIGH of 85!

Anyway, I woke up at 5am and made a HUGE bowl of oatmeal (I couldn’t even finish it!)

Do I look ready or just tired?

Then my brother and sister in law got to my house around 6. And we headed downtown!

Anddd then straight to the bathroom. I always have to pee before a race

Then time to start!

I was a little nervous, but I knew I wasnt HALF as nervous as my brother who was running the FULL!! (crazy yes)

we kept a nice easy pace and still we were SWEATING by mile three!

I drank about four cups at EACH station. and the HILLS were a KILLER!

I did not have a great time AT ALL. My fastest half was 2.04. This one I finished in 2.48.

 (considering I am 30lbs heavier than last year, and the longest I ran was 8 a month ago- Ill take it!)

But my goal was to stay with my brother and make sure he was at a nice pace so he could finish 26.2 miles!

THEN the officials lowered a bomb on us. They closed the full marathon at 9am!

People were dropping like flies, and they had to call in EXTRA ambulances. It was kindof scary.

My brother on the other hand was NOT happy at all. He was doing so great, and they waited to mile 10 to tell everyone.

Well then he took off on the last three miles, and I just turned on my music and took the last three at a nice steady pace.

Can you believe I ran 10 miles without music!! I havent done that EVER!!!! It was nice to run and talk with my brother and focus on my breathing.

But I was dragging at the end, so I needed it.

THis song came on for the last mile. It was perfect.



So we all finished! My friend John actually ran the full, and qualified for BOSTON! he is crazy fast- 7min/miles the whole time!

 just a TAD red haha
My feet were KILLING me! I have a blister on my poor pinky toe….and my right ankle hurts. Otherwise I was just really dehydrated. So I showered and took an hour nap!


Some eats.

Hamburger, sweet potato fries. And a HUGE glass of water

Protein Green Monster

Some of my loot



Question for you:

Do you like to work out by yourself or others?

3 thoughts on “98 degrees”

  1. It depends on my mood. I can’t workout all the time by myself because that would be no fun and I would lose all motivation but sometimes I just need too.

    Finishing is all that matters and you have begun to drop the weight again so you are beginning a new journey in your life. Congrats!

  2. I can’t believe that they shut down the full!!! Bet there were a whole bunch of upset folks…all that training…any refunds? or discounts for next year?

    Glad you went out there and stuck to it! Way to hang tough!!!

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