240 calories

TOday after lunch I wanted something sweet. 

 I was atwork.
I was tired.
i was sore.
And I became weak and ate candy (I gave it up for lent)
Anyway, I ended up with 3 funsize kit kat.
I thought it was safe.
THEN I saw it was 240 calories TOTALLY!!!
I was in shock!!

And then I thought of all the things I could have eaten for 240 calories….








Well you get the idea. I wish I would have calculated them first.

emoticonQuestion for you:
How do you deal with a sweet tooth?

5 thoughts on “240 calories”

  1. Ugh! I hate that! Knowing what you would have rather eaten! Did you see the new law proposed to make vending machines display calories?

    Today, I had a donut. That’s how I deal with my sweattooth. Lol!

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