Well not a good day on the food front. Again.

So Im going to make this a quick post.

A busy day with my 15month old nephew, son’s soccer game, broken windshield, and home owners insurance.

Well I broke down again. I ate.

Almost a whole bag of this.

why do I keep eating all this stuff?

Anyway, here are some other eats.

Im going to try and get some sleep tonight so I can make better food decisions.

Question for you:

what is your favorite trail mix combo?

3 thoughts on “Roughie”

  1. I usually make my own – and only a small amount in a little cup or container…that way it takes too much work to have more! I will put in whatever nuts I happen to have, cashews are a fav…don’t have them around too much for obvious reasons…walnuts or almonds, roasted, unsalted sunflower seeds, raisins, choc. chips, coconut if it’s around… I’ll pack it for soccer games to snack on while driving or on the sidelines instead of regular food I can’t eat then!

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