Yep. on the drive to Fort Morgan, Alabama, my family was in the middle of a tornago (well it was 20miles south, but we still got hit with the hail)

Anway, so we start Friday morning getting ready for the triP!

I had a banana and some YUMMMy (bad for yoU) braided bread

Then it was time for the grocery store, figuring out my home owners insurance (SOOO glad its done), and PACKING!

I took a break to have a hamburger and some AMAZING peanut butter filled pretzels!

We were actually packed and out of the house ON TIME! that never happens. Usually if we say we are leaving at 3, its 4 or later haha. I was the main driver (I prefer it that way)

My son actually slept for about…..30 minutes of the 7 hour drive haha

Then we hit cape girardeau MO……and we hit TROUBLE! A huge storm. hail. and a tornado spotted 20 mile south of us!

We decided to pull over in Cape (since we couldnt see while we were driving!)

And get some food at Cracker Barrel!

I got the turkey noodle soup and chicken sandwich. YUM. Desert was peanut butter M &Ms in the car

Leaving dinner, it looked like this!!!

We arrived at the hotel around 10pm. I was BEAT!

Question for you:

Tornados: Cool, or Lame?

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