Its a Brick Housssee

Does anyone remember that song by the commodores? 


My son and I just danced to this song from Youtube haha

Anyway, here is my brick house!


On the day that I closed, family and friends came over to see the place!

We celebrated with some champagne and grape juice for my lil kiddo

My younger brother, his gf, with me and my son

Me and my mom after EVERYONE cleared out

So a little tour of the house(maybe ill do a video tour later!)

When you first walk in the door it is the living room

And to the right is the dining room

(that table isnt there anymore, it was just for the visitors to put their things on while touring the house!)

Then continue past the table, and you enter the kitchen. (which as we speak is completely torn apart)

crazy monkey

If you start back in the living room you can go through the door way on the left, it is the third bedroom.

But we will be using it as a family room (sorry thats probably complicated haha)

we call it the green room, because the carpet is nice, but not the best color……………

Then we go upstairs and to my room!

Andrew’s room is to the left….hes obviously excited hahaha

And then there is a full size bath upstairs

So that covers the house. Unfortuantly I dont have a picture of the back yard w/ a two car garage, or the basement.

Im not sure why. And these pictures are REALLY boring since there isnt any furniture.

There are MULTIPLE projects going on:

1.) Everything in the kitchen was taken out. Im painting the cabinets.

My brother and dad are redrywalling (the previous owner’s son did a HORRIBLE job)

2.) Full bathroom: shelves w/ new contact paper (FINISHED). New shower rod and curtain+ towels etc (FINISHED). Doing a beach theme in there w/ shelves and a little paint

3.) Painting my son’s room blue. (I am on the FOURTH COLOR! blue paint you are the death of me haha) Im painting my room later

4.) New fans in the “green room”, Andrews room, and my room

5.) Removing ivy and old brush in the front and the back of the house

6.) Spray painting living room coffee table : FINISHED! (yep I can say this one is finished haha post to come later)


And obviously there are many other things I want to do to the house, but I dont need everything finished before we move in. Which is set for the end of May, but well see how the boys do on the kitchen haha

Question for you:

Have you ever accomplished (or attempted) a large house project? How did it go?


13 thoughts on “Its a Brick Housssee”

  1. LOVE your house! The floors are beautiful! Can’t wait to see it after it has all of your personal touch added to it.

    Now, about that song…you certainly aren’t old enough to have remembered it from it’s first go around! But I was totally singing it when I read the title to your blog! See, I DO remember it from it’s first go around!!!!

    Enjoy the new home…soon, you’ll be all cozyed up in it!

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