Work, House, Meds

So I wasnt able to go to work today. Still feeling like I got run over by a truck (maybe a few times)

Instead I slept till 1130, and then dragged myself to my new house where my dad and younger brother were working on my kitchen.

Dont ever leave men in your house, they will TEAR IT APART!

hahaha jk. They are pulling EVERYTHING out of my kitchen to redry wall. The guy before did a HORRIBLE job. so its all coming down. Then Im painting the cabinets white and getting a new countertop…….Im painting the kitchen yellow, so NO IDEA what color countertop (ideas welcome!)

Later in the evening, I was feeling even worse!

Arent you suppose to get better as the day goes on?

So I went to the ergent care center here in the LOU. And got this fancy bracelet! haha


Anyway its off to bed for me! I hope these meds start working ASAP!

Question for you:

Do you go on antibiotics? Or try to wait out the storm with some good o’ home remedies?

-Im not big on antibiotics, but can tell when Im not going to kick it to the curb myself.

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