Coffee Table

First lets get rid of the negative.

I had a rough day today. I went back to work since I have been sick, and not feeling 100%.  My son is also going out of town with my ex. And I was informed that his girlfriend would also be going. Unfortuantly I started crying at work. My feelings for him have been quite strong. And to be honest , they have been that way since the Fall. It seems now they are just coming to the surface.

(you can read about some it here, here, here, and here)

Several friends at work, both my age and older (with A LOT more knowledge than me) Gave me a wide range of advice:

-There is someone out there. A great man out there for you.

-Does he even know you feel this way?

-You need to talk to him.

-You will never be “over” him. He is the father of your son.


Well after an emotional day at work, I had to do SOMETHING. I met my brother and his girlfriend at my house. At this time we are TEARING apart the kitchen,

and it was time to get the hammer and work out some of these emotions!

The kitchen is NO WHERE NEAR close to being finished, but I wanted to show you my first home project!

Living Room Coffee Table

This was given to me (YEA for free items!) by a family friend.

It needed some MAJOR TLC

So I sanded it and spray painted it

It needed a few coats, but the detail looks awesome!

Now you can see the difference- CRAZY RIGHT?!?! It looks SOO much better!!

Not too shabby for a couple bucks at walmart!

Question for you:

Do you like to do handy projects? and what did you do

(any advice for me- Ill take whatever I can get! haha)

2 thoughts on “Coffee Table”

  1. Looks Great! Love the new legs, too…. I don’t really take on projects – first, I don’t have the creativity, time nor skill…I usually hand them over to my Dad when I see him and he can do what it would take me days/weeks in a hour or two! He’s so handy and talented by trade so anything I try would NEVER be as good as his!!!

    As for the ex, so true that you’ll always have him in your life because of your son. And he’ll always have a piece of your heart. I do agree with your friends at work that there were reasons why you ended the relationship and that there will be a man who deserves to love you. In the meantime, I’m on the fence about talking to him about your feelings. Maybe journal it and get it out, not necessarily share with him? He’s moved on and my fear would be that if you tried to tell him you’d like to try again he might resent that as you are sabotaging his new relationship? Don’t know all the history, just trying to think outside the box…

    Pray, pray and pray, girl… You know that God has a plan for you…sometimes the hardest part of the plan is waiting for His timing!!! Hugs to you…

    1. I love your long post.
      Its like Im getting friend advice and i love it.
      I havent told many friends or family whats going on. But its hard to keep it in.
      Im still on the fence about talking to him. I dont know if really will help. But I cant feel this way anymore. My mom says im torchering myself. This is all just hard.
      but thank you SO MUCH! for your help and advice. I know I deserve the best. And Im just tired of crying

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