Brain vs. Heart

Well Ive been ALL over st louis this weekend.

On Saturday I worked at my house till 2pm.

First we tore the whole kitchen down..

My dad came to help too!

Then my mom and I painted Andrew’s room

Still need to do all the edges, but it looks AWESOME!

Then we put up two ceiling fans, replacing OLD DARK FANS (with no lights)

THen it was time to get pretty and head to a party at my friend Katie’s house.

Lots of nonsense, but I stayed clear

I just had two beers and headed home. Waiting for my kiddo to get home…..


Woke up Sunday with the desire to go to church.

( I know on blogs you arent suppose to talk about church, God, or politics. So Im sorry. I wont go deep I promise)

When I got there I was pretty much BEGGING for guidance, help, and asking what to do.

During that hour, I could feel my heart getting stronger. And I knew I would need it.

This afternoon I was picking up my son from his dad’s house, and we were going to talk. I wanted to tell him what I have been feeling for several months.

When I arrived to pick him up, my exs girlfriend was there. Instead of my heart breaking into a million pieces (AGAIN) I left with my son. My ex knew that we were suppose to talk, but he didnt care.

And even though I did cry later. And I will always love him. I deserve the best. And I deserve someone who thinks about me. About my feelings. About my wants.

AND Im sure this wont be the end of the emotions, I am making progress!!!

Well with all that talk, I leave you with the lil man in my life

 Thanks for listening. I promise to have more to talk about someday! haha

And I am watching Just Dance 2…it makes me want to dance!

Question for you:

What did you do this weekend?

9 thoughts on “Brain vs. Heart”

  1. You DO deserve someone who will want to make your needs as a priority! Just remember that!

    Can’t wait to see the finished kitchen! I’d LOVE to rip mine apart…too bad I need to feed 6 people 3x/day so it’s pretty much out of the question! Maybe someday….

    Have a great week…stay strong and true to your deserving heart!!!

  2. I love seeing the home renovations! Love the colors in your son’s room too 🙂

    I am glad you got an uplift from church. Do what you need to to feel strong! As for the ex, its hard but you will get through! And look at the awesome gift he gave you in your son!

  3. Your house is looking awesome!!
    So hard about your ex..I’m so sorry.
    You can talk about God to me any day!! I think it’s great that you’re in a spiritual seeking mode! A good place for you to be right now.
    You’re in my prayers.

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