three and loose teeth

after working three shifts in a row in the NICU, im beat!

A baby who was two lbs kick my booty haha.

Unfortuantly I didnt do too well on the food front.

6am hard boiled egg, colby cheese

10am oats, pb, banana

12am almonds

330pm Leftover pasta, salad, yogurt w/ apples and strawberries

then it went downhill

-3 hershey kisses, 1 peanut butter cup, 2 mini snickers

-more pasta

-cookie dough

-1 cinnamon graham cracker


I mean I had it together- whats going on?


Well Im going to bed to get more sleep, and get to the gym tomorrow. I also need to go to the grocery store and then its time to work on the house!!!

Question for you:

What is something good that happened to you today?

-Even though work was crazy, I came home and my son has his FIRST loose tooth. I know this isnt much to some people, but I thought it was pretty cool. It also made me laugh 🙂

4 thoughts on “three and loose teeth”

  1. Hi Krissy!!
    Well, I’m not too horrified by your food log!! (coming from someone who regularly downs 3 or 4 bags of cadbury mini-eggs, you should take that as high praise!! Hahaha!! I’M the Queen of Sugar Addicts!!)
    Your son looks so adorable and proud of his loose tooth!! So cute!! Yes, it IS a big deal!! Celebrate all those special little moments of childhood!! I have many fond memories of things like that…
    And you look SO PRETTY in this photo!!!

  2. I remember when my oldest had her first loose tooth – I cried!!! I didn’t want her to change…I liked her little teeth! (This is also from the mom who cried when she cut her first tooth and lost the adorable gummy grin…)

    Now, they don’t even tell me until they are out! Most often, they fall out at school – I think they plan it that way so they get a cool tooth holder from the school nurse. My youngest doesn’t have any loose ones yet…probably coming this summer, though!

    Oh, my goodness, I almost forgot! I heard this crazy song on the radio about “I love candy” and thought of you! I”ll have to find the you-tube link and send it to you!

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