Blog Favs

hi everyone!
I hope everyone is having an AWESOME memorial day weekend.
At the moment, I am at work 😦 but I get to go home in about 30minutes! WAHOO!!!!

I wanted to share something very special to me. ALL the blogs that I love. Please check them out!

Peanut Butter Fingers
Honey, I shrunk the Gretchen
Im An Okie
Fannetastic Foodspan>
Chicken Scoop

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life
Healthy Tipping Point
Carrots n Cake
Food, Fitness, Fashion

Yes I read all of these. (probably why I get ten MILLION emails a day!!!

What is your favorite blog??

8 thoughts on “Blog Favs”

  1. ::blushes:: And yet I haven’t updated in days! I will try today.

    Oh, and I opened my google reader and yours was the first I navigated to. 220 unread blogs and you are top priority!

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