celebrity crush

Breakfast was the usual

Lots on the TO DO LIST: kohls, target, and jcpennys

At Kohls I got an american flag, necklace, easter decoration, and kitchen rug for $7 BUCKS!!!! I had $10 mailed to me and when I returned kitchen towels, I got $15 back.  Love getting deals

Lunch was leftover spinach salad and watermelon. And then it was off to my house! My dad and brother have the ceiling and 2 1/2 walls up, just 1 1/2 to go!

ceilinginto the dining room
into the living room

I also got my garage cleaned out. And by that I mean I moved the finished cabinets to the basement to give more room out there.

I then attached this part of the back yard.

all the ivy on the left is gone. I saw lots of bugs and worms and I didnt scream once haha

I will show updated pictures, when i attack the rest!

Then it was time for yoga! Oh boy did I need this. I even accepted downward dog, which im not the biggest fan of.

ANNNDDD then this might have happened

Yep. more banana bread.

Even better the second time around. I added vanilla extract this time,  more yogurt,  and baked for 25 minutes. It was moist and perfect.

Now I am watching Star Wars Episode III: revenge of the sith. Yes I have a small huge crush on Hayden


Question for you:

Do you have a celebrity crush?

I also updated my recipe page– check it out!

family is addicted

Its true. My WHOLE family is addicted to the peanut butter banana bread. Its almost gone!

Breakfast: egg/egg white omlet, banana bread, and half a banana

My son with his, and then he had seconds! (I love when people ask for seconds!)

My son and I really didnt do much today. My car is in the shop…and after 400 bucks I have it back (damn) later this afternoon when we walked to get it after lunch

We then played baseball till his dad picked him up. They are going to his home town till saturday. So needless to say, Im  bored. Cranky. and it is REALLY quiet. Really….Listen….NOTHING!

Ok so after he left I snacked on some almonds, laid down for 30 minutes then went to dinner with my mom. (after eating more banana bread. I swear this stuff is addicting!)

We of course went to Joey B’s on the hill. I got the same salad as last time (spinach chicken) and shared dominated the spinach articoke dip.

after eating way too much. I got home and changed right into my workout gear and went to the gym.
I started off with the bike and got in a sweaty 40 minutes or so. Burning 500 calories! YEA!

I also did a few weights, and then I wanted to run. I wanted to get on the treadmill. (WHO IS THIS GIRL?)

But after a minute, my knee was not having it. I thought giving it a few days break, it would work itself out. But no go.

After a shower and a glass of wine, its time for bed.

Question for yoU:
1.) What do you think is going on with my knee?


3 new! (PB banana bread)

As I went back to look at pictures for the day, I realized I had a different lunch, dinner, and dessert. Love when I try new things.

Unfortuantly luckily breakfast was the AWESOME egg, banana, pb sandwich (dont knock it till you try it!)

It was POURING in st louis today ( I guess no pool)

okkkkk it wasnt that bad. haha (source)

SOOOO what to do….


It was a really cute movie! We stopped at the gas station to get drinks (diet for me. bug juice for him) And he got a snack. I packed my own (YEA ME!) I went with 100cal kettle corn popcorn and Cocoa covered almonds. It did the trick! All for about 250 calories.

After hitting up sams, it was already 130 and I was HUNGRYYYYY. Lunch was a chicken fajita.

With a side of watermelon

simple and awesome. I also had two dove chocolates to end the meal

Then around 5oclock I got hungry. I got some colby cheese and a bowl of fiber one cereal and soy milk. Not pretty to take a picture of, but this is!

Im not sure who I stole this recipe from, but I did change it a bit.

Peanut Butter Banana Bread


-2 bananas, mashed

-1/3 c low fat greek yogurt

-4tbsp PB

-3Tbsp light butter (I used 2)

-1 egg

-1/4 c white sugar

-1/4 c brown sugar

-1/2c splenda

-1 1/4cup whole wheat flour

-3/4 tsp baking soda

-1/2 tsp salt

-1/2 tsp cinnamon


– Preheat oven to 350

-Mid first five ingredients

-Then add sugars

-Combine flour, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon

-Add to banana mixture

– Pour in 9X5 pan coated with cooking spray

– Bake for 25-30 minutes


I made this while I ate shrimp, spaghetti noodles, and laughing cow cheese


Now…Im wondering how long I have to wait for that to cool before it will burn my tongue…..Im going for it! haha


Question for you:

What do you use “bad” bananas for?

– I also am freezing some bananas for banana soft serve!

work and work

My day started off by working 7-1130 in the NICU. I picked up four hours from another nurse (who was out the night before). It was actually a really great and fast day. I could get use to four hr days haha

I had colby cheese and a hard boiled egg when I got there. And then at 1030 oatmeal

When I got home. I ate a ton. mostly handfuls of popcorn. How did that stuff get into my parents house!

Then my son, brother, his girlfriend, and my dad headed to my house to work on the walls!

since it was one already, and my “workers” (dad and brother) werent there yet. We had lunch!

chicken sandwich

THen someone stole my camera!

"surprise" face haha
Angryyyyy face haha

Then the workers arrived and I had to get to work


Im pretty sure there is a lego head in there

Mini house tour

After working on the kitchen. Cutting the grass (yup I did it!) and a few other odds and ends. It was time for a SHOWER!!!! and dinner!


I had the fugi apple salad and black bean soup. I also tried my dads salad, but Ill stick with fugi.

I also had 2 dove chocolates, a chocolate pudding + fiber one cereal. And of course sprinkles!

I didnt get a workout in today. I was going to go to the gym after working this morning, but my left knee and ankle are hurting. Im not sure why. Is it the extra weight I am carrying? I need new shoes? The extra treadmill workouts? Bad running style?

Question for you:

What do you think is work? (either a job or at home?)

Any help on the knee/ankle problem?

Banana art and Six Flags

A perfect saturday!

I layed in bed at 7am. My kiddo still asleep. DEBATING whether or not to go to the gym….. I laid there till 745. I hit the gym while my kiddo was still sleeping (my dad was home) and got a quick 30minute workout on the treadmill and then the grocery store. ALL before he got up at 900. Not too shabby! (SOOOOO glad I went!)

Before the gym: 1/2 arnolds thin, PB, and banana

After the gym: Pumpkin Pancake


It was perfect, and a Happy way to start the day!

Then it was packing time and off to Six Flags!

This is a huge amusement park here in St lOuis. I havent been in years, and this was my son’s first visit!

We started out by getting a locker for all our stuff and heading to some rides!








A few rides were riden. I let andrew drive!

dont worry, it couldnt crash


my favorite!

 The hospital I work for, had some great prices for the park that included a ticket, parking pass, and free meal!

UNFORTUANTLY, the food that was available: fried chicken fingers, sloppy joes, potato chips, potato salad, and bake beans.

SOOO this was all I got.

Yaya and Andrew
Then THIS was headed our way

 We had to take shelter from the hail/severe storm. So it was the perfect time for a photo shoot!


OK. he wasnt really feeling it haha

mom and dad!

then THIS guy showed up. and we were all saved! haha

Apparently he is buds with my dad….lucky.

Then wanted to go on more rides…..




His favorite


ANDDDDDD another photo shoot

A time to head home. A WHAT!?!?!?


on the ride home. My body was screaming VEGGGGGGIIEESSSSS!

This NEVER happens. But I listened! And made big grilled chicken salads for everyone!

my dads. He’s a growin’ boymine!


Then we all had dessert while watching the cardinals lose big game

Calories 1800

Carbs 144

fat 65

protein 70

SOOO. MUCH better than yesterday. And I burned almost 300 calories just at the gym, and who knows how much walking around for 6 hours at the amusement park! YEA!


Later this evening, I was thinking about how glad I was that I went to the gym. WHY do I ever talk myself out of going? I always feel better after. EVen if I only stay 20-30 minutes. I mean who cares how long I am there! At least I went right?!?!

Question for you?

Do you find that you talk yourself out of doing something? (like the gym? eating right? or something else?)


I work at a children’s hospital in st Louis, and The attending at the hospital, will call the food I ate today Horrid. She is australian and calls pretty much everything that is bad or Cra*py, Horrid.

Thats just Horrid!

(it makes me want to laugh everytime haha.)

I LOVE accents though. And one day maybe Ill do a VLOG to show my british accent. I can also do a southern accent. But Im sure you all would just laugh. OH WELL.

So today’s eats:

6:00 egg, egg white, american cheese pepper omlet

9:00 oats, pb, banana

10:30 Panera bagel (DAMN IT!)

so I calculated my calories thanks to good O’ sparkpeople.com. And I was ALREADY at 800 calories. EEEKKKKKKK.

I was really pissed at myself . But I had two rolos and got over it. Oops again

Well at least I wasnt hungry till 3:30 in the afternoon. Which was good because we got a sick kiddo in the NICU and another nurse needed an extra set of hands.

330 Left over pizza, watermelon, pudding, and 1/2 pecans

on the right

6:00 1/2 pecans

8:00 apple and 1 graham cracker

Calories 1732

Carbs 253

Fat 72

Protein 69

SOOOOOOOO not an awesome day by any means. but it could have been worse. Tomorrow is a new day and I think I need to stay away from the candy. and bagels. and carbs just in general haha

Question for you:

How do you turn a HORRID day around?

ps. I didnt get to work out because I went to help on my house. The dry wall is going up on the ceiling!!!!!!

Birthday Part Four

Today was spent running around St Louis.
Breakfast started with Pumpkin Oat Pancakes

Then to home depot to get dry wall!!!!!!!!!!!

I dont think i have EVER been this excited to go to home depot. Yep the kitchen is in the REBUILDING phase!


Also, had to pick up the cake for my kiddos bday party. Today’s was a joint party with another boy in Andrew’s class.
They had a swim party and had a blast!

Then it was time for target, walgreens, checking email. Pick up Andrew.


Apple Feta Pizza

Im watching you Tiger. Yes and orange cat names tiger, SOO original

 Its surprising I get to eat with all these animals trying to steal my food!

(ok my parents really only have a dog and cat)

I also had a yogurt and small piece of ice cream cake

 We then took a nap before it was PARTY TIME!!!


 the party included lots of swimming, pizza, and of course cake

All I had was cake. I mean who can turn down a star wars cake?!?!? exactly.

now I have ABSOLUTELY no energy (teachers you are angels! we had 24 kids, 9 being 1st graders) And IM TIRED!

Off to bed. work tomorrow and then to work on my house!

Question for you:

What is your favorite pumpkin food?