Bad Talk

Ok. I was having a little off day. So Im going to blog about it (even bloggers have off days…I think haha)

Anyway, it started with weigh in.

the scale went up this week. I hate when that happens.

But I know its only because of my actions…no one elses.

So I started to play the “bad talking”. Telling myself “great. look what you did” “Thats why your clothes dont fit” “thats why you can’t wear a swim suit or any clothes in your closet”

Let me tell you it wasnt pretty.

What do you do about talking bad about yourself?


Even with a start to the bad day, I did pretty well today on the food.

6am hard boiled egg

10am Oats, banana, PB

2pm Leftover salad , yogurt + strawberries. 1/2 cup ice cream

4pm pecans

6pm tootsie roll x2, and one dove chocolate

8pm fiber one cereal + soy milk

Calories: 1458

Carbs 224

Fat 63

Protein 55


Well Im ok with everything except the carbs.

I felt a lot better when I opened the dove chocolate and this was the message

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. love dove

9 thoughts on “Bad Talk”

  1. Oh, that self talk can be so devastating! I did it to myself on Sunday night…I was so excited to finally buy a new swimsuit (the first in about oh, 12 years that wasn’t a “dress” or shorts/tank). I LOVED them in the store…got home, tried them on for my husband, a friend and she took pix. I was good until I looked at the pix. It’s a good thing it was 9pm on a Sunday, or I’d have been right back at the store returning them!

    I beat myself up that night over the pix. I texted a few friends about it, they talked me down off the ledge…I still haven’t put them back on, still not sure which ones I’ll keep and which I’ll return (I bought 4 to narrow it down from)…but it didn’t matter what any of them said…I still “saw” something different in the pix…

    When I figure out the trick to shutting up one’s own mouth, I’ll let you know! I have made progress in that I didn’t sabotage it and eat the birthday cake in the freezer. Or bake cookies like crazy…I stuck to my plan, I exercised and I can only look ahead and know that if I keep doing that, next time the pix will be better….

    1. Im sorry you had a night like that. I bet you look AWESOME! Seriously, you are in amazing shape!
      but I think you handled it just fine by getting a workout in and not eating the freg haha

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! It’s so great to have this kind of support. I love your blog too, and I will be following along with you as well. 🙂

  3. Krissy,
    I love the Dove bar quote!! It was MEANT for you!
    I know, we all struggle with “bad talk” or “negative self-talk”, as I call it..
    The first step to fighting it is being AWARE of it–which you are!! That’s great!! For years, i didn’t even “hear” my own self-talk!
    One thing that helps me is to read something true, affirming and uplifting. I’ve been meaning to recommend a book to you, and this is the perfect opportunity: it’s one of the ones I turn to over and over when I’m wallowing in low self-esteem!! It’s called “Captivating” by Stasi and John Eldredge. They are Christian authors, but they have a very unique perspective that I LOVE!! They don’t tell you “you SHOULD be like this”, instead, they tell you how God feels about you, why every woman is uniquely beautiful, and WHY we suffer so much in the area of beauty and self-esteem!!! I highly recommend this book to you!! I hope it will encourage you as much as it has encouraged me.
    Keep your head high, and remember: You ARE a unique and beautiful woman!!!

    1. thank you for such a wonderful post. You are such a great friend. I am defiantly having a better day. And I need to find that book-it sounds perfect!

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