Well today I didnt get one moment to rest. and as a result, I was a crabby ** not nice person.

It started off with breakfast…like this….

then I put it all together YUM

Egg. Banana. PB. sandwich. It was awesome

Then my son and I ran all around town dropping off invitations for his bday. Then to get our pictures taken. Each year we get pictures together.

This was several years ago….they grow up so fast! ill share as soon as I get them in a few weeks!

Then it was STRAIGHT to get my nephew and to bread co to have lunch with people from work. My friend Jessica is moving to South Carolina on Sunday. I will miss her. She is such an awesome person.

Home to put the baby down for a nap, while my kiddo played in the pool and sprinkler

I found his sticking his hair in the water, I was laughing while trying to get a picture

Dinner was made and served. Meatball sandwiches, watermelon, and salad. And birthday cake for dessert.

I didnt get a workout in. I could have after putting the kiddo to bed. But I was CRABBBBBYYY. I was biting everyone’s heads off. Im sorry family!


I absolutely love helping others. I love watching my nephew. Visiting with friends is something I really enjoy. But I am being stretched too thin. I am always telling people I can do things for them. I love to help others especially those really in need.

But Im not taking care of me. I ate 2000 calories today and didnt get a workout in. I watched my nephew even when I didnt have a moment to really do that. I delivered all the invitations, even though Andrew is having a joint bday party with another kindergartener.

I am also emotional because my son is turning 6 tomorrow. Which I am SOOO excited about (ok maybe just a little) but also a little sad that he is growing up so fast!

(he wanted an M&M cake for his 3rd birthday)

But to add salt to the wound, he is leaving to go out of town with his dad tomorrow. Which means I will only have him for half his birthday. I have never missed ONE birthday. I have been there for him each and every day.

(at his 3rd bday party)

So I am upset that he will be gone. I am trying to think of things to do while he is gone. And having time by myself is good. But after about a 1/2 day, I want him back. (is that selfish?)

They are also going to the lake for the family reunion. This is a reunion I have attended for several years. It is still hard that I am not going to this. I miss the fact that the family I once thought I would be apart of, is no longer going to happen. (yes I know its been two years. )

Well tomorrow I have plans for a birthday breakfast and a new lego for his birthday present. Even though I only have him for 1/2 the day, I hope I can make it a good one!

OKKKKKKKKK enough venting.

Question for you:

For your birthday, do you make a big deal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

6 thoughts on “Rest”

  1. Awe. We normally do a big dinner in my house, because for some reason no one cares about breakfast as much as I do…so strange.

    Your son loves you so much and he will just remember how much fun he had with you even if it was only a half day.

  2. We make more of a big deal over supper for birthdays…The girls get to pick their “birthday supper” and I usually make one of my husband’s favorites that his mom used to make for his birthday, or I try to make some random Thai dish…Since I do the cooking for my own birthday, it isn’t too special…I might just pick one of my favorites…or just a family favorite so that I don’t hear complaining!!!

    Enjoy the time you have with your son, make it special and fun…he’ll remember that, not how many hours you were together…Don’t feel guilty or deprived over the weekend while you have time to yourself….you need it to recharge your batteries…Do some of the stuff you can’t do when he’s home. Take the time to pamper yourself, be an adult woman – not just a mom! Tweek the perspective and remember that he loves you and he knows that you love him! Have a fantastic weekend and have fun today! (btw – my “baby” turns 6 at the end of July…followed by her oldest sister turning 11 the following week! YIKES!)

  3. First off, LOVE the picture of him dipping his head in the pool! Hilarious!!!

    Second, I hope you are doing ok but remember that it is a good thing for him to have a relationship with his dad’s side, even if it stinks that you aren’t part of it and that means you miss out on some of his life. But he will be so happy to see you when he comes home because you will always be his #1!

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