Thursday Eats and Yoga

my son had some AWESOME sprinkle pancakes for his birthday, I opted for blueberry/banana pancakes. DELICIOUS

At noon, I had a 1/2 of a turkey subway sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and peppers.

I took my son to the pool, so after that I need some lunch! I had three meatballs on an open sandwich, watermelon, and corn

My son had been picked up by his dad (they are going to the lake) so I took a nap! It was AWESOME, except it was cut short. I woke up to go to yoga with my mom and neighbor.

Im so glad we went! It was defiantly what I needed. The only bad thing was, Amy, the lady leading the class. Did A LOT of downward dog poses. Im not a big fan of them. It just feels akward and I dont feel that I get a good stretch.

When I got home, I showered. I WAS SWEAATTTYYY. And I had so much energy! I went through ALL My son’s toys. I had a trash, keep, and donate pile. It felt so good to weed out the toys he is too old for, or are broken!

It was 9pm and I was starving. I hadnt eaten in about 5 hours. So I listened to my awesome sparkfriends and got some protein!

Open egg sandwich. While checking my email.

Calories: 1501

Carbs 187

Fat 55

Protein 73

WOW. Pretty good on all categories today. And this doenst even count the calories burned at yoga! WAHOO!


Surprisingly, I am not that tired. (ITS 1130!!!) because last night I was up till 3am. Nope I wasnt at a bar or out with friends. I was texting. My son’s dad and I were talking about him, their trip this weekend, the past. Basically everything. (hence the reason we were texting for four hours!) I dont know what it means. Or where things will lead from here. Maybe we just needed to talk. have closure. or become better friends, so we can work together to take care of our son. Or maybe one day we will get back together. Who in the world knows (well GOd does) thats why I have been doing a lot of praying.

Many of you have been there through EVERTYHIGN that has happened. (well at least what I have time to blog about haha) . But I want to be honest what is going on in my life. At the moment, I just know that God is guiding me. I can feel him here, because I just have this sense that Everything Is Going To Be Ok. (whatever that my mean haha)

Now I am off to bed, with the hopes of no text messages and sleeping in late!

Question for you:
what is your favorite yoga pose?

8 thoughts on “Thursday Eats and Yoga”

  1. Sounds like a great day!
    Not sure I could come up with a favorite yoga pose…there are some I don’t mind, but there are some that I REALLY don’t like (half moon, crow, table) 😦

    Keep praying…God hears you and will continue to guide you! So glad that you are at peace with where you are and that you know He has a plan for you!!!!

  2. I tried to comment on this days ago but the mobile browser doesn’t like me! LoL.

    So, I love yoga! I am especially good at the balance poses. I also like the warrior pose because it makes me feel strong. And I like downward dog for the stretch! My college yoga instructor gave us some tips on how to maxmize downward dog: When in the pose, push your chest toward the ground and squeeze your shoulders together. Push your butt up to the ceiling. This should make you feel like you have a slight arch in your back and push you legs back more. After you get that, worry about putting your heels toward the ground! I hope that helps!!

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