10 miles and pinwheel pizza

Today started off late. I didnt get up till after 9! I havent done that in a while.

Breakfast was quick and easy, because I wanted to get on my bike!

After my new favorite breakfast, I was ready to ride!

THe ten mile ride was a little rough, but that is because my bike tire was a little flat.. 😦

When I got home, a quick spinach smoothie was made and it was off to the pool

what do you think of my new swim suit top?? its from target (yes. I should be banned from that place haha)

After laying at the pool with my neighbor, it was time to get home for a shower and to eat lunch!

pinwheel PIZZZAAAAA!

AFter helping her scrapbook for several hours, it was home to get some more grub. A slice of cheese pizza went undocumented (my bad) But I was pretty satisfied with it.

I gave in to my sweet tooth with a chocolate pudding with pecans and fiber one cereal. WHich my nephew was eyeing……..

He’s lucky I didnt have sprinkles in there, otherwise I wouldnt have shared haha

Calories: 1677

Carbs 224

Fat 65

Protein 107

Ok carbs arent the best. But look at that protein!!!! I haven’t had protein that high in AGES!!! So happy about that. And I my garmin told me I burned 500 calories during my bike ride. SWEETTTTTT

Question for you:

Where do you buy your swim suits? Do you wear bikinis or tankinis?

10 thoughts on “10 miles and pinwheel pizza”

  1. Krissy! Sounds like a perfect summer day!! I’m happy to see you back on your bike!!!
    You swwimsuit is CUTE!! You got it at TARGET?? I’m gonna have to check out their selection. I usually order swimsuits through Land’s End because they are very well-made, cute but modest and last for years!! I bought one before going to Nicaragua this year–adorable but TOO TIGHT!! 😦 I wear a size 8 usually, but I guess that’s only on the bottom…I forgot about the bust and all the back fat!!! UGH!!!! So anyway, I was gonna order another one (2 sizes larger) before the OBX, but ran out of time…I tried to buy one here, but all they have are bikinis and old-lady suits!!! My beachwear this year has been shorts and tank top..
    Bikinis or tankinis??? Are you KIDDING??
    I wear one peice suits only!!! Haven’t worn a bikini since 8th grade!!!! Hahahaha!! Even when i had the figure for one, I was much too modest…

  2. Great day! I think I saw that suit top at Target! I found one there I really liked, just didn’t have my size…found some other cute ones at Kohl’s…bought 2…will most likely return one if not both…bought 2 at Sears from Land’s End because like Kristen said above, they last forever! I’ve had one for over 6 years! Now I just have to narrow it down from the 4 since I’m not keeping that many! For the last oh, 11 years, it’s been a tank and shorts kind of suit, or an old lady dress or skirt with top…this is the first year I’m actually going to wear regular bottoms! (after much deliberation…and friend coaxing….and having them SWEAR that the real life image is way better than the back view photo!) πŸ™‚

    Maybe I’ll get brave and post them on SP one of these days! HA! Let’s work on those carbs, girl! Knock them down and the lbs will just fall off! I’m telling you, see if your library has The Paleo Solution….or read some of Mark’s Daily Apple blog….you’ll be convicted I’m sure!!! It’s really not as hard as you think…YOU CAN DO IT!!!! πŸ˜‰

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything other than a bikini, even at my heaviest. Hm. Love your suit! I can’t go to target either, but for me its the home decor section!

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