new obsession and ANDREW’S HOME!

Yep. Its true. Im obsessed

OHHH well at least its good (delicious and good for my bod! haha)

After breakfast, I got on my bike again. A good 11mile bike ride around the park. It was perfect!

Then I got a text- ANDREW IS 30 MINUTES OUT OF ST LOUIS!!!! Better hurry!

shower, did end up grabbing a cookie

or two…..but it looks better when I take it next to my HUGE glass of water…Right?!?!

After picking up my lil guy

halloween 2008

Time for lunch! I ate my dessert first…………..with a million cookies then the main meal

Pork tenderloin sandwich with peppers, shredded cheddar and ketchup! YUM

with my mom’s dancing flower

My son and I then watched the Sandlot. It was exhausted and almost fell asleep on the car ride home AT TWO IN THE AFTERNOON! AFter several hours of playing with harry potter legos it was time for bed!

I enjoyed my “ME TIME” with  french bread, and wine

I usually dont drink on just a regular monday night, but I felt like it

UPDATE: I few days ago I mentioned that my son’s dad and I were talking again. Just about the past and how we still care about each other. Well we haven’t talked about it since. BUT we are getting a long SOOO much better. Who knows what will happen, but I love that everyone is getting along

Question for you:

Do you drink? Do you prefer beer, wine, or the hard stuff?

– Im usually a beer gal, but wine is nice as well. I tend to stay away from the hard stuff.  (thats when trouble starts haha)

5 thoughts on “new obsession and ANDREW’S HOME!”

  1. Sounds like you had a good day after Andrew got home!

    My latest breakfast groove has been a slight variation of a regular (my regular is 2 over easy eggs w/either bacon or ham and lightly sauteed shredded cabbage and a few carroway seeds)….I now head out to my garden pick some of my Spring Mix lettuce (some of it got big and is nice and peppery) a few sprigs of Cilantro, lightly chop it and have the over easy eggs and ham on top of it….UMMM…. My girls laugh – “mom, REALLY….are you going to eat all of that lettuce!?!?” Then I show them that after it’s chopped and slightly wilted by the eggs/ham it’s not that much…I am really full after, though! It’s so good….I hope I get a good long harvest of the Spring MIx!

    I really don’t drink much, it kind of upsets my belly – not a really big wine fan – though I do like some reds…but mostly, I am a dark beer girl…not REALLY dark like Guiness…more of an amber/lager – Bass Ale or Yuengling Lager – especially ice cold on a hot day! There aren’t too many liquor drinks I like – in my much younger days, for 21st birthdays we would do Kamakazi’s…yikes! Every now and then I’ll take a Captain and Diet Pepsi with lime!

    1. your breakfast sounds amazing!!! I wish I had a garden. Maybe next year at the new house. Right now Im focusing on the kitchen haha

      When you said dark beer i immediately thought guiness. Which I dont like
      AND I have never heard of Kamakazi’s! You must have been hard core haha. Maybe we should have a blogger meet up and I can try one haha (I then pass out for the night. Since one glass of one does it for me haha)

  2. Cute picture of you and the little guy! So cute!

    I prefer red wine usually (merlot) but I am a big fan of fine beers. I like trying all different kinds. So if I’m at a crappy place, I’d rather go for a crappy wine than say Coors Light. But if I’m at a nice bar with tons of nice beers on tap, them I might consider a beer!

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