BLAHHHHHH and weigh in :-)

Today. I was not having it. I was exhausted and I had two kids, no exercise, and a lot of carbs.
Ok. So two of those I could have changed.

Early breakfast with my son at 7am. Good o bowl of cereal with blueberries, bananas, fiber one, total cereal, and soy milk

Then I just couldnt get it together. Just feeling worn down. And I couldnt get out of the funk.

Lunch was a repeat from yesterday with some watermelon

Dessert, was pudding, fiber one cereal, pecans, and some sprinkles to make it colorful haha

then a did a bit of snacking. French bread. Chocolate square.

But while my nephew was sleeping, my son and I played w/ the slip n slide. After my nephew got picked up, my son and I went to a birthday party. I had a small piece of cake, and no pizza.

When I got home, I made some shrimp, veggies, and rice. It was just what I needed. While watching Law and Order SVU

now Im ready for bed. It was just one of those days.

Question for you

How do you get out of funk?

while reading Tina’s Carrotsncake, She mentioned this really funny “I dont want to work out” flowsheet by Ryan.

 You should check it out!

OHHH I almost forgot. WEIGH IN DAY was yesterday!

May 30th (2weeks ago) 191.4

June 13th 190.4

Now I know its ONLY a lb. But thats a lb I NEVER. EVER. EVER. want to see again. PLLEEEASSSEEE be in the 180s next week. (today wont help, but tomorrow is a new day!

2 thoughts on “BLAHHHHHH and weigh in :-)”

  1. One pound is a LOSS. Much better than staying the same or gaining… Reading blogs usually gets me out of the funky mood you are talking about. For some reason reading about other people being healthy gets me moving… Or ya know what… Sometimes I just stay funky that day and start over the next day!

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