Gender reveal party

No its not a dirty kind of party, but ill get to that.
Today was another day in the NICU, BUT I only worked 9hours.(I usually do 12hrs) It was awesome!

The only bump in the road was I sent a kiddo home (which sounds good) but the mom was NOT nice. She actually cussed every other word that was out of her mouth. And you guys know I dont cuss (mostly because it sounds strange coming from me)

Needless to say, it was a rough day. And I pray that baby has a safe and happy life. But mom has a history of getting in trouble, but mayble she’ll straighten out………..yes. Im an optimist. haha

On the food front things went ok till the gender party.

6:00 Egg, egg white, pepper, american cheese omlet

10:00 Oats, PB, and banana

1:00 Almonds

2:00 burger w/ pepper, spinach, american.

2:20 2 dove chocolates and a reese’s

5:00 colby cheese and apple

7:00 burger no bun, watermelon X a million, pasta salad, and a piece of cake

yep. Defiantly over on the cals today. but I was low yesterday. Wish I would have gotten some gym time in though.

I DID step on the scale this morning, I guess I was feeling lucky, and it said 189.4. I think I MAYYY have jumped up and down haha.


So the gender party. My friend Nicolette and her husband Dan are expected another baby. They have twin boys and Today they found out the sex of their third lil one. 

 they asked a friend to make a pink and blue cake (with the same icing on the outside) so when they cut the cake we all knew what they were having. HENCE a gender reveal party.


And they are having a boy~!!!!!!!!

I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera 😦

Forgive me…

But I did take a million pictures with my friends, so when she posts them on fb I will steal them and put them here for you to see!

Of course, my son Andrew had a blast. there were 6 other kids there to play with , and actually was sweaty so much he looked like he had been swimming. (too much info)

Well now Im off to bed. I work again tomorrow.

ps no updates on the ex

Question for you:

What is your favorite baby name?

-I love abigail for a girl or adam and blake for a boy (I love the A names)

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