Lunch Box

For work, I ALWAYS bring my own food.

I do this because not only is the cafeteria food more $$$, I have also not heard the best stories. (ALthough sometimes the DQ bizzards look amazing! Yep. Thats right, we have a DQ right. down. stairs.)

To save time in the morning, I pack my bag the night before. Sometimes I will use leftovers, here are some ideas:

-Turkey sandwich

boca burger
-PB and J

– Salad (w/ chicken, walnuts, cranraisins, the options are endless)

Homemade pizza
meatball sandwich (but can be messy)

And there are even MORE possibilites for sides!!

But of course dont forget dessert 🙂

I ususally bring a vitatop, sugar free pudding, or have a few million pieces of candy


My bag today includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks

Breakfast (usually aroudn 10 or 1030)

I bring a bowl to make my oatmeal w/ cinnamon, banana, and the main ingredient PB!

Bowl O oats

Lunch around 2 or 3

Boca burger with american cheese, arnolds thins, yellow pepper and ketchup. watermelon. Dessert vitatop


Pecans, apple that I cut up and put in yogurt

I find that if I eat a bigger lunch, then when I get home I dont STUFF my face. I also have a hardboiled egg and colby cheese or an omlet before coming into work at 6am

Question for you:

Do you pack your lunch? Or snacks?

3 thoughts on “Lunch Box”

  1. I always pack – for me and the kids – I’d rather know what we’re eating than take chances on what’s available….and I know it’s healthier and CHEAPER!!!!
    Though, I have to say that a DQ would require some serious will power!!!

  2. OMG, I would be so fat on ice cream! That’s seriously not right, having on where you work. Evil.

    And I have the same lunchbox! But mine is purple paisley with black accents 🙂

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