Banana art and Six Flags

A perfect saturday!

I layed in bed at 7am. My kiddo still asleep. DEBATING whether or not to go to the gym….. I laid there till 745. I hit the gym while my kiddo was still sleeping (my dad was home) and got a quick 30minute workout on the treadmill and then the grocery store. ALL before he got up at 900. Not too shabby! (SOOOOO glad I went!)

Before the gym: 1/2 arnolds thin, PB, and banana

After the gym: Pumpkin Pancake


It was perfect, and a Happy way to start the day!

Then it was packing time and off to Six Flags!

This is a huge amusement park here in St lOuis. I havent been in years, and this was my son’s first visit!

We started out by getting a locker for all our stuff and heading to some rides!








A few rides were riden. I let andrew drive!

dont worry, it couldnt crash


my favorite!

 The hospital I work for, had some great prices for the park that included a ticket, parking pass, and free meal!

UNFORTUANTLY, the food that was available: fried chicken fingers, sloppy joes, potato chips, potato salad, and bake beans.

SOOO this was all I got.

Yaya and Andrew
Then THIS was headed our way

 We had to take shelter from the hail/severe storm. So it was the perfect time for a photo shoot!


OK. he wasnt really feeling it haha

mom and dad!

then THIS guy showed up. and we were all saved! haha

Apparently he is buds with my dad….lucky.

Then wanted to go on more rides…..




His favorite


ANDDDDDD another photo shoot

A time to head home. A WHAT!?!?!?


on the ride home. My body was screaming VEGGGGGGIIEESSSSS!

This NEVER happens. But I listened! And made big grilled chicken salads for everyone!

my dads. He’s a growin’ boymine!


Then we all had dessert while watching the cardinals lose big game

Calories 1800

Carbs 144

fat 65

protein 70

SOOO. MUCH better than yesterday. And I burned almost 300 calories just at the gym, and who knows how much walking around for 6 hours at the amusement park! YEA!


Later this evening, I was thinking about how glad I was that I went to the gym. WHY do I ever talk myself out of going? I always feel better after. EVen if I only stay 20-30 minutes. I mean who cares how long I am there! At least I went right?!?!

Question for you?

Do you find that you talk yourself out of doing something? (like the gym? eating right? or something else?)

4 thoughts on “Banana art and Six Flags”

  1. We have a 6 flags, too…we’re heading over in a few weeks – the kids did a reading program at school and got free tix…yeah!
    I talk myself out of stuff all the time…like my run this morning (and every morning this week!) When I do go, I love it…only wish that was enough to make me go!

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