work and work

My day started off by working 7-1130 in the NICU. I picked up four hours from another nurse (who was out the night before). It was actually a really great and fast day. I could get use to four hr days haha

I had colby cheese and a hard boiled egg when I got there. And then at 1030 oatmeal

When I got home. I ate a ton. mostly handfuls of popcorn. How did that stuff get into my parents house!

Then my son, brother, his girlfriend, and my dad headed to my house to work on the walls!

since it was one already, and my “workers” (dad and brother) werent there yet. We had lunch!

chicken sandwich

THen someone stole my camera!

"surprise" face haha
Angryyyyy face haha

Then the workers arrived and I had to get to work


Im pretty sure there is a lego head in there

Mini house tour

After working on the kitchen. Cutting the grass (yup I did it!) and a few other odds and ends. It was time for a SHOWER!!!! and dinner!


I had the fugi apple salad and black bean soup. I also tried my dads salad, but Ill stick with fugi.

I also had 2 dove chocolates, a chocolate pudding + fiber one cereal. And of course sprinkles!

I didnt get a workout in today. I was going to go to the gym after working this morning, but my left knee and ankle are hurting. Im not sure why. Is it the extra weight I am carrying? I need new shoes? The extra treadmill workouts? Bad running style?

Question for you:

What do you think is work? (either a job or at home?)

Any help on the knee/ankle problem?

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