family is addicted

Its true. My WHOLE family is addicted to the peanut butter banana bread. Its almost gone!

Breakfast: egg/egg white omlet, banana bread, and half a banana

My son with his, and then he had seconds! (I love when people ask for seconds!)

My son and I really didnt do much today. My car is in the shop…and after 400 bucks I have it back (damn) later this afternoon when we walked to get it after lunch

We then played baseball till his dad picked him up. They are going to his home town till saturday. So needless to say, Im  bored. Cranky. and it is REALLY quiet. Really….Listen….NOTHING!

Ok so after he left I snacked on some almonds, laid down for 30 minutes then went to dinner with my mom. (after eating more banana bread. I swear this stuff is addicting!)

We of course went to Joey B’s on the hill. I got the same salad as last time (spinach chicken) and shared dominated the spinach articoke dip.

after eating way too much. I got home and changed right into my workout gear and went to the gym.
I started off with the bike and got in a sweaty 40 minutes or so. Burning 500 calories! YEA!

I also did a few weights, and then I wanted to run. I wanted to get on the treadmill. (WHO IS THIS GIRL?)

But after a minute, my knee was not having it. I thought giving it a few days break, it would work itself out. But no go.

After a shower and a glass of wine, its time for bed.

Question for yoU:
1.) What do you think is going on with my knee?


8 thoughts on “family is addicted”

  1. Bummer about your knee…at least you could do some cardio without it acting up…that’s a good thing…if it were all the time, I’d be a bit more concerned. Things about knees, there are so many things! Could be tendinitis, IT band, need new/different shoes, treadmill vs. street….Good luck and at least you are listening to your body…(unlike someone else I know…really well) Do what you can and when you can’t, find something else…bike is always great – good cardio – no impact!!!

  2. Chondromalacia perhaps. That’s why I had to give up running over 25 yrs ago!!
    Something about running is particularly hard on the knees, I think..
    Eventhough I still do TONS of other activities–Zumba (of course), elliptical, biking, etc–running will always be off limits for me..

    Looks like you had a great day! Good for you–going to the gym!!! KEEP IT UP!!!
    You rock!!

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