Pins and Needles

The past few days have been really hard.

The reason I didn’t post on Monday was because at 830 in the morning I got stuck with a needle at work. I had to go to occupational health to get blood drawn. I was a mess. I couldnt eat or sit still. It didn’t help that Im still so unsure of what is happening with Ian and our future (and well that kills me. IM A PLANNER ! haha)

Ok. back to the needle. Monday they took blood for a baseline. THen I will get it again in four weeks and 6 months. I will get a postcard from them telling me Im done. haha I was able to laugh with the lady downstairs about the postcards haha

In the next four weeks I can’t donate blood, or share anything that would be bloody (toothbrush, toothpick (NO PROBLEM! haha), etc)

When I got home from work, I was a mess. I didnt want to be at home.  I called Ian to vent and the first thing he said was “do you want to come out here and talk”. It was exactly what I needed. We talked about anything and everything. (except the future) He even had me laughing (Laughter IS the best medicine)


Tuesday was alittle better at work. Sundays are a little slower in the NICU (not as many doctors and visitors) So the girls and I just sat around talking girl talk. It was perfect. I forgot (for a mini-second) about the needle stick.

I didn’t post last night because I went STRAIGHT to bed after work. I only got about 3 hrs of sleep on Monday night.

Bottom line:

-I still have no idea what is going on with Ian. We did talk a little bit, but not as much as we need.  I want a title: dating, talking, seeing eachother, exclusive, etc. haha. My friends at work laugh at me for this one. but like I said before, Im a planner and want to know what the F is going on

-The blood work will have to wait for four weeks. In that time, I am told to not worry about it….Riiiggghhhhttttt. Im on pins and needles about everything!

Question for you:

What makes you happy today?


Between 10 and 2

Today was ALL about the house.

After taking Andrew to a friend’s house (YEA ME time) ok. not really. I had my nephew.

Yesterday, I got a call from the AWESOME countertop people telling me they can deliver my countertop on THursday- YEAAAA.

“We will be there between 10 and 2”

greatttttt” 😦

Thats only in the middle of the day and four hours. No biggie. (why is it always such a WIDE range? Id rather they just say between 10 and 2 and then call me when they will be there within the hour. Im always afraid they will come when Im downstairs doing laundry, or when I take out the trash)

Well I kept myself busy, while I played the waiting game…..


Step 1: Remove  the first layer of contact paper on the shelves

Step 2: Remove the second layer

Step 3: Replace with new contact paper! FINISHED!

Looks So much better! I also cleaned the whole closet and the inside of all the cabinets. I used three buckets of mr clean!

Finally, after only waiting 2 hours………………the countertop arrived!!!!

I cant wait to get it in the kitchen! Some are worried about how it will look with the yellow walls……..

Tonight was trim night though. My brother and dad got all the trim around the doors and one window. Looks GREAT!

Those pictures to come…………………….

Question for you:

-Are you tired to hear about my kitchen? haha

-I need new recipes!!! I will do a food blog someday…..

Sleep Over

yesterday, while painting the SECOND coat on the trim for my kitchen, I got a great idea to have a sleep over at the new house!

 This would be our FIRST night there

First, we got some grub.

I got an oldie but goodie. Black bean soup and fugi chicken salad from Bread Co

Next up, a movie of course ( you know how andrew and I love movie nights!)

Dont worry. He did come sit by me 🙂 we werent able to finish all of Toy Story 3, but thats ok we have already seen it a million times. Then it was time for him to go to bed

Since, I dont have cable or internet (hence no post last night. Need to get on that….)

I decided to have a glass of wine, in a VERY fancy cup, and watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I had a FEW choices 😉 I ended up going with the St. James blackberry (2nd from the Left) which is DELICIOUS!

It ended up being a great night, except for the million noises I have now found my house makes when its dark

and its just me and andrew haha.


-kitchen: do you see that ugly blue countertop in the picture above??? well the COUNTERTOP WILL BE HERE TOMORROW!!! Im so excited!!!! No more blue countertop. After that gets put in, and the sink hooked up- ITS MOVE IN TIME!!

-Ian: not much of an update here. I know that a lot of you are excited/worried for me. I completely understand. If my friend came and said what was going on (after ALLLLLL that happened) I would be the same way. But I will say, things are different. I get a text/call from him each day. And always asking how my day went. This is a big change from well, hardly ever being asked. So we will see!

-weight lose: So Im officially down 4lbs! wahoo! Im just going to keep going. I went to the gym yesterday (its been two weeks. I think I forgot how to use the treadmill haha) but running felt AMAZING and I did some weights too. Tonight is Yoga. Which I also havent been to in two weeks, life just got CRAZY!

Question for you:

Whats an update in your life?

Giggles video

TOday in the NICU was just not my day. I was in a VERY blah mood. Not sure why. Since yesterday went so great!

I got the trim ALL painted (only took 3 hours!) Then went swimming with Ian and Andrew at Ian’s place. It was perfect, we had the whole pool to ourselves! (swimming makes me happy 🙂 )  For dinner, we had pizza. and then watched a movie. I didn’t want to leave~

SO when I woke up today I knew it just wasnt going to be my day. UNTIL I found this video that Andrew and I made in April.

Lots of giggling involved

Sorry I tried to upload it straight to the blog, but it wouldnt work 😦 blogging buddies what am I doing wrong?


The secrets out! (and one to come)

Well now its official!

My lovely NICU friends (or I should say some of them) have found my blog!

I was wondering how long it would take for them to find it, since we happen to be PRETTY big on blogs there in the NICU, especially Spring Garden. (for my non-NICU friends, this is the section I work in. There is also water garden, summer garden, and A, B,C, and D room. Its a big place! We can hold around 80ish babies!)

So welcome! I hope you guys leave comments (NICE comments- Anna haha)


I also have another surprise. This one will be a bit of a shocker for my family (not you guys though)


Ian (my son’s dad) and I, who have been talking for several months, finally got together this past Tuesday. I was EXTREMELY nervous about this, as it was the first time in person talking.

What if it was akward?

What if we didn’t have to same chemistry? (yes girly. I know)

What if I realized this wasn’t what I wanted, or vise versa?

Well. there were lots of unknowns.

But it went perfect.

We sat in the kitchen and talked for three hours. Just catching up on life and of course, my house! 🙂

(yep. I got a guy to talk for three hours! haha. )

And he was actually engaged in the conversation. This might not seeem like a big deal to some, but this was not the Ian I knew before. 

We eventually held hands, while watching Pawn Stars. (anyone seen this?? not me. it was actually interesting)

(AND we are teenagers again, watching Tv while holding hands haha. but it was perfect. I said that already…oops)

I left at 1230, because I worked on Wednesday (had to get up at 545! EEK! )

Before getting in my car, he did give me a kiss 🙂 and a text that followed approximately 2 minutes after I was on the road saying he was glad we were able to get together. And that he hoped we could get together soon 🙂

So fast forward through the rest of the week…..we have talked each day And have plans to get together on Sunday.

Now that everyone is caught up.

My parents are not a big fan of Ian. I can say this because, well. Everyone knows it. They don’t hide it. When we first met at 18, we were both really immature. We also had a baby at 19….you can see why they werent thrilled.

So tomorrow, I have to tell them that we are meeting (they didn’t know about tuesday). I know this is not going to go well.

And unfortuantly, my biggest fear, is that a lot of people going to be pissed.

this is my life we are talking about! My happiness! But Im the middle child. and try to make everyone happy haha

As my good friend Sarah says “HERE GOES NOTHING!”


I feel that everyone is caught up with that, so lets get on to the house!!!!!!

Tonight, my brother and I went and bought trim!!!

saturday night…… and Im hanging with my bro at home depot haha

Im not going to miss dropping $$$ at this place! At least Im not at this phase anymore!

We had a lot of good laughs, especially when the 12 foot wouldnt fit……except out the window!

“this is how we roll”

AND TOMORROW! I get to paint it all! WAHOO!!! Then off to the pool with Ian.

Question for you:

Have you ever done something that you knew someone was going to hate, but knew it was right for you?

Or have to tell someone something you didnt want to?

Are you a middle child?


I know EVERYONE has heard about the new diet, the HCG diet.

Well its everywhere. The past few months I have heard about it from coworkers. All telling me they have lost X amount of lbs. Really havent been that hungry. And feel great.

I thought- WHAT THE F ARE YOU DOING! 500 calories a day! Are you crazy. I eat 300 at breakfast w my oatmeal, pb, banana

or egg banana sandwich.

I didn’t understand how you could do that. And how could that be safe for your body!

My brother and sister in law just started the diet, and I was wondering what everyone else thought of it.

Has anyone tried it?

Know anyone who has? (what happened?)

Is it really that safe?

Do the LBS come back after you try it?

What happened to eating healthy and moving your body to lose weight?

Anywho, at this point. Im still leaning towards the side of it not being safe. But I wanted to see what my fellow bloggers had heard!

Lets get the discussion going…….and GO!


On saturday, I was able to celebrate my birthday with several family and friends.

Besides the amazing trimmer from my parents 😉

I also got some amazing wine from several friends

But the best present, was Andrew lost his first tooth!

I was so excited and so was he! After putting it under his pillow,

the next day he couldnt stop talking about the silver dollar she left! haha

Ive had my share of tooth issues, but this is a good one!

What did the toothfairy leave for you as a kid?

Up on the wall

I love before and after blogs! And this one is probably my favorite


Yes. The kitchen is almost done (still need to paint a bit. get two cabinets up. and put up the trim)

After work on Friday, I went straight to my house to help my two brothers with the kitchen. Getting the cabinets in, electric work, lights up.

Then saturday we put the dishwasher, oven, and kitchen back in. Got the counter top put back in (which will get replaced. Need to order it)

So here are the updated pictures. but Ill first start with the BEFORE pics

Of course, there were A LOT of working photos!

And of course some SEMI finished projects

WOW! What a huge difference, right?!?!

Birthday week + cabinet update~!

Hi everyone! Sorry my blogging has been completely crazy this week. Trying to get my house ready for my bday party on saturday resulted in no sleep, hardly having time to eat and no exercise. Well unless you count pulling up tree roots

 (yep. this happened. in 95 degree heat. yep. Im stupid. haha)

Anyway. I had a pretty good birthday. I turned 26 yesterday (it feels the same as 25 hahA)


Friday and saturday were a blur. All I ate on saturday was a banana, apple, and then dinner that I made for the party. It was so wild because I was cleaning the ENTIRE house and getting the kitchen put together. But I think pictures work best!

 The cabinets are in, but I will post pictures about that tomorrow. All that work, deserves its own post 🙂





Flowers to get my house all pretty!


Flowers from my friend Adam

my mom made my cake! Funfetti of course!

Having a party, can be A LOT of work. Especially when trying to finish up a kitchen. It isn’t finished by any means but its starting to feel like a real house now! I need a new counter top, and then I will be moving in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, was LOOOOWWWW key. I didn’t end up falling asleep last night till 230am!! who am I? I was up texting my son’s dad……….yep.

Anywho, today included sleeping in, heading to the pool

And then I went to get my birthday present

I got a trimmer from my parents for my birthday. Funny-yes. Needed-defiantly.

Nooowwww to learn how to use it haha

Andrew had a blast.

Now im watching Iron Man, and going to bed. I work tomorrow, and my goal this week is to get sleep and get to the gym!

Question for you:

How did you spend your weekend?

For your birthday, do you prefer practical gifts?

Yellow Brick Road

Yes everyone the kitchen is OFFICIALLY yellow! Its 11pm and I have to work tomorrow, so enjoy the pictures!





NEXT on the list!!!

Getting the cabinets up tomorrow and picking a counter top…


Another big decision………..Im tired haha

There are a few bad things: I havent worked out much (but Ive been moving my butt from sun up to sun down), I havent gotten much sleep

The good: My mom asked if I have lost weight. Im not sure, havent had a chance to check the scale. But I dont think I have.

SOOOOOOOOOOO what does everyone think????

I hope you like it 🙂